Moscow culture online
Moscow culture online
Moscow theatres have mastered virtual reality. Today, thanks to, theatre buffs can enjoy virtual premieres and classic stage plays to save money and time
Moscow theatres have mastered virtual reality. Today, thanks to, theatre buffs can enjoy virtual premieres and classic stage plays to save money and time
Play: Dream of Rain staged by Moscow Children’s Musical Young Actors Theatre
This is the final performance of the Children's Musical Young Actors Theatre based on Russian folklore. 16 folk songs became a single theatrical act. The premiere took place in 2004. Since then, it has been shown not only in many Russian cities but also abroad — in Switzerland, the Baltic States and Cuba
Play: Fable staged by Moscow Taganka Theatre
The plastic performance “Fable” features famous heroes of the fables by Ivan Krylov, Jean de la Fontaine and Aesop. The audience will see an unexpected version of the stories familiar from childhood. The play was directed by Andrey Kaydanovsky. Before working at the Taganka Theatre, he was staging plays at the Vienna Folk Opera and the Odeon Theatre in Paris
Online opera: Creation — the Universe
The buff video opera “Creation — the Universe” was directed by Andrey Silvestrov. The composer is Iraida Yusupova, and the libretto was written by Uri Gershovich, a researcher of medieval Jewish philosophy. The actors of the Julyensemble perform a dialogue involving philosophers and sphinxes
Stage play: Easter
“The Bible for Children” is a series of stage plays by Moscow Youth Experimental Theatre led by Vyacheslav Spesivtsev. The play “Easter” introduces the story of the life, death and resurrection of Christ
Stage play: Famous Moydodyr
A musical puppet show based on the “Moydodyr” fairy tale by Korney Chukovsky. One day in the life of a sloppy little boy turns into an exciting and insightful adventure. The play itself – cheerful, fervent, and bright – becomes a hymn of purity and a triumph of order
Stage play: Without a Dowry

The Laboratory 3−0-7 People’s Theatre from Krasnogorsk will perform a drama based on an Aleksandr Ostrovsky’s play
Children’s play: Young Stork and Scarecrow, a play for children

The play featuring young actors is listed on the programme of the Parade of Premieres 2020 National Festival of Children’s, Youth and Adult Theatres
Virtual one-actor performance: Isadora

A one-actor performance based on the books by Isadora Duncan, My Life and The Dance of the Future, was staged at the Parthenon Hall of the Yesenin Moscow State Museum. The director and choreographer of the play, Bolshoi Theatre ballet dancer Pyotr Kazmiruk, immerses the audience in Isadora’s memories. The main role is played by Ekaterina Ishimtseva, an actress of the Sfera Moscow Theatre
Excerpts from the play Yesenin: Follow Me

The Yesenin Moscow State Museum has prepared excerpts from the virtual immersive play and promenade Yesenin: Follow Me. This is a play and an unusual tour combined. The performance takes place inside the museum and is accompanied by the music of Aleksandr Samodum, Russia’s only musician who plays the harp guitar
Stage play: Blaise by the Iskateli Theatre

The play by famous French comedy playwright Claude Magnier will be performed by the people’s troupe of Our Theatre. The ironic comedy of situations will make the characters uneasy and the audience laugh at witty dialogues and funny situations
Stage play: Hello, Vladimir Vysotsky!

This is one of the best works by the youth experimental theatre of the Moscow State Culture Institute. Actors from Nikolay Skorik’s Workshop will read letters written by Vladimir Vysotsky’s fans
Screenlife-performance by the Roman Viktyuk Theatre: Feast in Time of Plague

What do messengers have in common with the theatre? Social media are also a convention and a game. Director Igor Nevedrov transfers the theatrical game to social media. Pushkin wrote his A Feast in Time of Plague tragedy during a cholera epidemic. The theatre presents an online performance based on it as part of the Novel-at-Home project

Stage play: The Space of Holden Caulfield
A play by the Na Okraine Theatre based on American writer J.D. Salinger’s novel. A 17-year-old young man speaks about his rejection of the canons and morals of contemporary society
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Vedogon Theatre
Stage play: Ivanov
This play portrays a “lost” person, the inexplicable longing of the Russian soul. It is the first play by Anton Chekhov, which still remains a mystery. Ivanov was often staged when two eras met, during troubled times when many people did not feel useful and lost faith in themselves. How will the play be perceived today?
Stage play: Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich
Alexei Tolstoy’s play – the central piece of his dramatic “tsar trilogy” – depicts one of the most difficult times in the Russian history. After the death of Ivan the Terrible, the throne was taken by a weak ruler full of sincere love and compassion for people, but unable to thwart plots and intrigues
Stage play: The Lower Depths
The Lower Depths is based on a play by Maxim Gorky. One of the characters in The Lower Depths utters a phrase known to almost everyone in Russia: “A man! It sounds proud.” Vedogon-Theatre shows one of the most significant Russian drama works of the 20th century from a new and unexpected angle
Stage play: Without a Dowry
The Russian classics performed by psychological theatre artists. The first production of the play by A.N. Ostrovsky failed in 1878. Today, Without a Dowry adorns the repertoire of many Russian theatres — it is one of the most popular plays of Russian drama
Helikon Opera
Opera: Turandot
The first performance of the opera by Giacomo Puccini took place in 1926 in Milan. “We staged this performance in such a way that Puccini would have liked it,” admitted director of photography Dmitry Bertman. The musical direction of the play by People's Artist of the USSR Vladimir Fedoseyev was a sensation, since he had never conducted opera performances in Russia before
Musical performance: Flax
Mysterious sounds of ancient pagan rituals and the singing of exotic birds can be heard in the voice of singer Varvara. Varvara is often compared to Peruvian Ima Sumac. The performance is supported by the choir of the Helikon-Opera Theatre and musicians playing ancient instruments
Gala concert: Christmas Ball
Every year the Moscow Musical Theatre Helikon-Opera pleases the audience and guests of the Russian capital with brilliant holiday programmes. Its Christmas concerts are real balls with beautiful music, bright costumes and hits of the opera stage
Stage play: Orlando, Orlando
The Helikon-Opera Theatre turns to the Baroque epoch. Director Georgy Isaakyan along with composer Gabriel Prokofyev, baroque music specialist Andrew Lawrence-King and Austrian theatre artist Hartmut Schorghoffer created a new reality by combining a classic work and a plot of a murder at a nightclub in the American city of Orlando
Opera: Dialogues of the Carmelites
French composer Francis Poulenc created the opera Dialogues of the Carmelites in 1956 for the La Scala Theatre. In Russia, the opera was first staged at the Helikon Opera. This lapidary, almost Puritan performance became the highlight of the 2003/2004 opera season. It captured the audience with its sincerity, maturity and deep interpretation of one of Poulenc’s main works
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Moscow Theatre of Russian Drama
Stage play: Kulikovo Field
The character of St. Sergius of Radonezh unites two eras: the events on Kulikovo Field in the 14th century and the troubled times of the early 20th century. The play features a detective story, historical chronicles, psychological drama and mysticism. The Moscow Theatre of Russian Drama was the first theatre to stage this work by Ivan Shmelyov
Stage play: The Wonder of Murom
The play won the Grand Prix at the Zolotoy Vityaz (Golden Knight) international theatre forum in the Best Children’s Play category. A detective story intertwines with life chronicles and creates a new version of the ancient story about Pyotr and Fevronia
Moscow Ballet Theatre
Stage play: Egopoint
The play Egopoint was staged by choreographer and principal dancer with Staatsballett Berlin Nadezhda Saydakova, together with English DJ Luke Slater and production designer Elena Lukyanova. The performance does not have a plot, and the action takes place in the abstract space of human relationships
Stage play: Luna de Enfrente
Anton Pimonov’s ballet is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’s similarly-named collection of poems. This ballet tells the story of a couple portrayed in dance by all actors at various angles as if on different screens. This is a choreographic fantasy based on a lyrical pas de deux, but for 10 dancers
Theatre of Music and Poetry under the direction of Elena Kamburova
Stage Play: I Dreamt of a Garden
A play about Anton Chekhov’s era based on Russian romance songs. Twelve characters – homestead owners and their guests – gather on a terrace, rehearse an evening concert and sing romance songs
Stage play: The Quiet of Rogozhskaya Gate
Soviet songs of 1934-1958, as well as popular foreign music get a new life in arrangements by new-generation singers and musicians
Stage play: Sun on a String
Enjoy a fairytale suite for the entire family. This instructive play about the genesis of the Sun and Man, about the cyclical flow of time and human life is based on the songs and legends of world peoples
Stage play: Ridiculous, Funny, Insane
This concert is devoted to Yuly Kim. Elena Kamburova and actors from the Theatre of Music and Poetry perform various songs by the famous singer in new original arrangements accompanied by a string quartet, grand piano, guitar and accordion
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