Information on public and private transport: metro timetables, bus and tram routes and timetables, paid and free parking for cars and bicycles. What to do if your car has been evacuated, how to use the car sharing service.

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  • How to use free Wi-Fi in Moscow

    Where to connect to a free Wi-Fi network. How to use free Wi-Fi. How to connect to free Wi-Fi in the metro, ground transport and on the street

  • What to do if my car got towed

    How to find out which impoundment lot a towed car or motorcycle was taken to. How to pick up a car or motorcycle from a impoundment lot. How much does it cost to tow and store a vehicle in an impoundment lot

  • Moscow railway stations operation

    Number of railway stations in Moscow. Where you can go from Moscow by train. How to get to the train station. How to buy a train ticket. Do they provide assistance to people with limited mobility at train stations

  • How to use taxi in Moscow

    What taxi services operate in Moscow. How to order a taxi. How to pay for a taxi trip

  • How to use carsharing

    What is carsharing. How to rent a car. How much does it cost

  • How to use aboveground transport in Moscow

    Hours of Moscow aboveground transport operation. Fare. How to find a stop. How to map a route

  • How to take bicycles on public transport

    Rules for taking bicycles on commuter trains, metro, bus, electric bus or tram. How to take bicycles on public transport and what are the fares

  • How to rent a bike

    How to use a bike rental in Moscow. How much does it cost to rent a bike. Where to get a bike and how to return it. How to pay for bike rental. How to rent an electric scooter

  • How to get to Moscow airports from the city and back

    How many airports are there in Moscow. Where are Moscow airports located. How to get to the city from the airport and back. How can people with limited mobility get to the city from the airport and back

  • How parking lots are arranged in Moscow

    What is parking fee in Moscow. How to pay parking fee. What fines are applied for unpaid and incorrect parking in Moscow

  • How the Moscow Metro works

    What is the Moscow Metro schedule. How can I get information assistance while on the metro. How can I get assistance with metro travel. How can I join a metro tour

  • How Moscow bus stations work

    Where you can go from Moscow by bus. How to get to a bus station. How to buy a bus ticket