How to call emergency services

Where to call in emergencies. How to call fire, rescue, police, ambulance or gas service

1.Where to call in emergencies?

In any emergency, call 112. This is a single phone number for all telecom operators. The call from a mobile phone is free and possible, even if the number is blocked for non-payment and the SIM card is not inserted in the phone. 

If you dial 911, your call will be forwarded to 112 service.

Having dialed, keep calm, even if you got in a queue. Please wait for the operator to respond.

After connecting to the 112 service, you will be switched to an English-speaking operator. Two main questions that the operator will ask you:

  • what happened;
  • where it happened (indicate the address).

The operator can ask other clarifying questions. Give clear answers. Do not hang up when the operator says: "Wait, stay on the line."

In a life-threatening situation, the operator will dispatch emergency personnel to the location and continue to ask questions. If possible, wait for the emergency services to arrive.

Remember that the 112 service is intended to call emergency services in any dangerous situation.

2.Where else can I apply for help?

If you are in an emergency, you can also contact the emergency response services directly: 

  • in life- and health-threatening situations — contact the ambulance service;
  • if you are a victim of fraud or witness illegal actions — contact the police;
  • in the event of a fire or other emergency situations (accidents) — contact the fire protection and (or) rescue service; 
  • in the event of a gas leak — contact the emergency gas service of JSC "MOSGAZ";
  • in case of a terror attack threat — contact the Federal Security Service (FSS).

Be prepared that not all emergency operators speak English, while the 112 service always has English-speaking specialists.

3.How do I call fire or rescue service?

You can call firefighters or rescuers by the following phone numbers:

  • using local phone —101 and 112;
  • using mobile phone (for all operators) — 101 and 112.

Rescuers should be called in case of any threat to life and health due to natural disasters or man-made emergency situations (accidents).

4.How do I call the police?

You can call the police by the following phone numbers:

  • using local phone number — 02, 102 and 112;
  • using mobile phone (for all operators) — 102 and 112.

5.How do I call ambulance?

You can call an ambulance by the following phone numbers:

  • using local phone number — 03, 103 and 112;
  • using mobile phone (for all operators) — 103 and 112.

Please note that an ambulance or emergency service should be called if:

  • life is threatened or medical evacuation is needed: severe injuries, wounds, bleeding, childbirth, heart attack, stroke, severe infectious diseases;
  • there is no danger to life, but health is threatened, for example, migraine headache, high temperature, changes in blood pressure; chest pain associated with movement, breathing, coughing; abdominal pain associated with established diagnoses of "chronic gastritis", "gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer" (without symptoms of ulcer perforation or bleeding);
  • in other situations, after a remote consultation with a senior doctor of the medical advisory station of the operational department by phone number: 8 (495) 620-42-33 (there are always English-speaking employees at the station).

In the first case, an ambulance team will come on your call (arrival time — up to 20 minutes), in the second case an emergency doctor will come (arrival time — up to two hours). 

Ambulance and emergency medical care in Moscow is provided free of charge.

6.How do I call the gas service?

You can call the emergency gas service of JSC “MOSGAZ” by the following phone numbers:

  • using local phone — 04, 104 and 112;
  • using mobile phone (for all operators) — 104 and 112.

Make your call from a room that is not filled with gas, from a balcony or outside of the house, or from another apartment.

Before the emergency service arrives:

  • close the gas pipeline tap;
  • ventilate the room (arrange a draft);
  • do not light fire, do not turn on or off any electrical appliances;
  • leave the room and do not enter it until the emergency service arrives;
  • arrange a meeting of the emergency team at the entrance;
  • if people around you show symptoms of gas poisoning, take them out into fresh air and put them so that their head is above their feet. Call an ambulance.

7.How to contact Federal Security Service (FSS)?

If you have any information about terrorist attacks that have been committed or are being prepared, contact the FSS of Russia by phone numbers:  

  • using local phone — 8 (495) 224-22-22;
  • using mobile phone — 8 (800) 224-22-22. 

8.How do I get advice on calling emergency services?

You can get advice on calling emergency services or on any other issues by calling the round-the-clock hotline of the Moscow Tourist Information Support Center: 8 (495) 122-01-11 (for mobile and local phones).

The call is paid in accordance with the pricing of the subscriber's operator. Call center operators speak both Russian and English.

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