IoT Global Awards awarded the Mosecomonitoring website and the EMIAS.INFO application in the field of the Internet of Things

IoT Global Awards awarded the Mosecomonitoring website and the EMIAS.INFO application in the field of the Internet of Things
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In total, 25 countries made more than 100 applications for the contest.

The Mosecomonitoring portal became the winner of the IoT Global Awards in the field of the Internet of Things in the Smart Cities, Government and Housing and Communal Services nomination. In addition, the EMIAS.INFO mobile application with the electronic medical record was highly praised by the jury in the Health and Wearable Devices category. The shortlist of the award also includes the IoT projects of the Moscow Government ‘The System for Monitoring the Builder Safety and Productivity’ and the SNEG Project. In total, 25 countries made more than 100 applications for the contest.

"The Internet of Things use is a common trend of the smart megacities of the world. Moscow has been using IoT for several years in medicine, housing and communal services, ecology and other industries. This is especially facilitated by the developed communication infrastructure, which allows you to transmit information quickly from various devices throughout the capital. The Internet of Things makes it possible to collect information from various urban sensors in automated mode, and subsequent analytics helps city services to make management decisions quickly, which makes the capital even more comfortable for life," Eduard Lysenko, Government Minister, Head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology, said.

The website of the state environmental budgetaryinstitution Mosekomonitoring is an official and reliable source of information about the Moscow air state. Real-time data is available around the clock to any user, both professionals (environmentalists, public organizations and the world community) and the city dwellers.

"The constitutional right of residents to have information about the quality of the environment has been fully implemented in Moscow. And for these purposes, the most advanced international practices are used to provide the population and authorities with data on the environment state. Thanks to the automated methods of monitoring and data collection, Moscow is the first and only one of all subjects of the Russian Federation, which, in accordance with the Aarhus Convention on Information, provides citizens with real-time air data, without hiding anything. All information is for public use. The data is available online on the Mosecomonitoring website in real time," Anton Kulbachevsky, Head of the Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of Moscow said.

The data on the portal is updated every hour. Information on pollutants comes from 56 automatic atmospheric monitoring stations in Moscow. For users convenience, the information is displayed as an interactive map. In addition, the site offers online broadcasts from CCTV cameras of the most interesting events in the field of ecology in Moscow. In addition, you can participate in interactive surveys. More than eight thousand users visit the site every month.

Moscow was the first Russian region to start publishing atmospheric air monitoring data online available to the public. In terms of efficiency, volume and list of indicators, it corresponds to the best international practices implemented in the largest cities of the world: London, Paris, New York and others. The demand for environmental monitoring is growing every year, the openness of this data in Moscow is used by domestic and foreign expert organizations to create their own Internet resources and mobile applications on atmospheric air pollution.

In 2020, the Mosecomonitoring website was shortlisted for The DADI Awards in the Non-Profit Projects and Charity nomination, and in 2021 it was shortlisted for the Council of the Smart Cities Readiness Challenge contest.

Another project of the Moscow Government, the EMIAS.INFO mobile application was highly praised by the jury of the IoT Global Awards in the Health and Wearable Devices nomination. Users have full access to their health information in the Medical Record section. There you can also get acquainted online with the protocols of doctors' examinations, the results of laboratory tests, CT, MRI, fluorography and other instrumental studies,discharge epicrisis from the hospitals, vaccination history, including your children. Medical documents from the application can be downloaded and sent by e-mail or via messengers, as well as independently added to the medical record.

The application allows you to make an appointment with a doctor, for laboratory tests and referral procedures, view appointments with specialists, cancel and reschedule them. Users can set up notifications about upcoming doctor visits to make sure not to forget about the appointment, as well as add an event to their calendar.

"The application has become especially relevant during the pandemic. An affordable and convenient tool helps users reduce the number of additional visits to medical institutions and reduce the likelihood of infection spreading. Millions of Muscovites now use an electronic medical record and get access to their medical data directly from their phone in the EMIAS.INFO app”.  Recognition at the international level confirms its usefulness and relevance," Ilya Tyrov, Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Health, noted.

In addition, an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination or testing for antibodies to coronavirus is available in the application. In November, it was also possible to fill out an online application for express testing for COVID-19 at one of the points around the city.

The service was developed by specialists of the Moscow Department of Information Technology and the social Development Complex of Moscow. The audience of the application has more than 3.8 million users. In 2021, the EMIAS.INFO mobile application of the unified digital healthcare platform was among the five winners of the international eHealthcare Leadership Awards in the Best Platform-Oriented Application category.

IoT Global Awards is an award recognizing innovative companies, products and talents in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. The organizer of the award is WeKnow Media (Great Britain). Each year, an independent jury selects 11 of the best corporations, companies, startups, business leaders and other participants in the industry.