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The StartHub.Moscow program won the Investment Leaders Award 2021

The StartHub.Moscow program won the Investment Leaders Award 2021
The project was launched this February. Graduates of the first-cohort have already attracted more than 600 million rubles of investment.

StartHub.Moscow project of supporting technology startups won in the Best Venture Financing Program nomination of the Investment Leaders Award 2021. This is an award given to the most successful participants of the investment market.

“The StartHub.Moscow program helps the promising projects to find funding and to develop. Entrepreneurs are learning how to “package” their solutions so that they become attractive to potential partners, and present them to investors at pitch sessions” Alexey Fursin, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow, told. “According to the program results, graduates of the first-cohort have already attracted more than 600 million rubles of investments, and we expect that this amount will be even more by the end of the year — some participants are still negotiating”.

The Expert advisory body determined award winners. It included representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Stock Exchange, the National Credit Ratings Agency, the National Payment Association, the National Association of Financial Planning Specialists, the Financial Markets Committee of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises ‘Support of Russia,’ the National Rating Agency, the All-Russian Union of Insurers and the Association of Banks of Russia.

Together with the StartHub.Moscow program, the leading financial and credit organizations and state corporations of Russia became the winners of the award.

The StartHub.Moscow program was launched this February. The project unites startups, investors and large businesses at the Start Hub technology platform on Krasny Oktyabr. 100 companies were selected for the first cohort. In addition to participating in the program, they gained access to industry events, coworking and site other infrastructure, and also became part of the innovative business community.

“Following the results of the first program cohort and successful work with investors, 25 participants received revenue from the implementation of their projects for the first time, and 43 increased their profits several times. In addition, 17 partnership agreements were concluded by the residents of the program. Eight companies entered foreign markets for the first time launching deliveries to the CIS countries, the USA, Europe, the Middle East, China and Hong Kong, two more organizations opened new export destinations,” Alexey Fursin added.

The Investment Leaders Award is being presented for the first time. Its organizers plan to reward successful participants of the investment market annually, attract the attention of private investors and the business community, as well as promote business development in Russia.

The StartHub.Moscow program is a project of the Moscow Innovation Agency, subordinate to the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development. Over the course of several months, participants, together with mentors, develop a business development roadmap and gain access to expert resources. In addition, employees of resident companies attend workshops, webinars, business breakfasts, conferences and pitch sessions.