Figured Bridges and Greenhouses: Russpass Offers New Routes around Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve

Figured Bridges and Greenhouses: Russpass Offers New Routes around Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve
Photo by Maxim Denisov,
Users will walk around the park and find out about the history of manor house ensemble creation.

Russpass digital travel service prepared three new walking tours around the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve.

The route Along the Tsaritsyno Alleys passes through a park area. It will be interesting to those who want to take a leisurely stroll, examine pavilions and summerhouses, and take beautiful photos of an autumn landscape. The walk also includes visiting the Garden of Medicinal Plants where rare medicinal herbs and shrubs are grown.

The longest route consisting of 12 locations is Five Centuries of Tsaritsyno.  Following it, one can go around nearly the entire Museum-reserve — from the main entrance to facilities in remote corners of the manor house. Users will find out about the Tsaritsyno’s history beginning and how this territory was used before the Catherine the Great residence was built here. The route also comprises a visit to cascade ponds — among the first to appear in Moscow and among the largest too.

The third route goes along the oldest greenhouse facility of the city that appeared here even before the manor house was constructed. It consists of two buildings and the Grape Greenhouse. Pineapples, bergamot, rare citruses, and ornamental plants are grown here, as they were grown four centuries ago. Besides, the Magic Greenhouses of Tsaritsyno route comprises an unusual landmark – the foundation of a building where gardeners were living.

Route description data indicates approximate duration of the walk, while users can customize the number and sequence of objects, based on their interests.

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The travel service was developed on the initiative of the Moscow Government. The project implementation is supervised by Moscow’s Tourism Committee jointly with Department of Information Technologies.