Architectural ensembles and green areas: what the capital's restorers are working on

Architectural ensembles and green areas: what the capital's restorers are working on
Photo by Maxim Denisov,
Special attention is paid to the program of apartment buildings restoration, attracting private investment, working with the owners of cultural heritage sites.

The Head of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage Alexey Yemelyanov summed up the results of the department's work for the first half of the year.

"In our business, quality is more important than quantity. But there is no way to bypass the digital indicators. The first half of the year was quite intense. Various works have begun on many cultural heritage sites. Somewhere there is already an active restoration, somewhere they began to prepare project documentation, and somewhere they began to examine the monument to determine what kind of work it needs. In the first six months of 2021, the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage issued more than 500 tasks and more than 700 work permits," he said.

Active restoration works are being carried out on such significant cultural heritage sites as the orphanage in Kitaygorodsky Proezd, the Medvednikovskaya Gymnasium in Starokonyushenny Lane, the Bolshoy Kamenny Bridge, the Church of St. Nicholas on Three Mountains, the Gorky Literary Institute on Tverskoy Boulevard.  The monument to the grenadiers who fell near Plevna on Ilyinskaya Square and the house of the architect Duvanov on the Zemlyanoy Val are also being restored.

In addition, the work on the preservation of 67 monuments has been completed. Among them is the ensemble of buildings on Nikoloyamskaya Street (house 53), the Sokolov-Sibiryakovs ' city manor house in Voznesensky Lane.

"This year, work will be completed at the first substation of the Moscow tram - GES-2, a unique example of industrial architecture. A center for contemporary art will be opened in the restored building, the facade of which overlooks the Bolotnaya Embankment," the Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow said.

Special attention is paid to the program of apartment buildings restoration. Currently, 22 houses are under restoration, eight more are planned for 2021-2023.

In addition, 15 projects for the preservation of park territories were agreed upon for six months. The restoration of the garden square on Miusskaya Square continues. Also, specialists are preparing to start work in the park of the Botkin hospital, in the garden of the Filatov Children's Hospital, in the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve and the Izmailovo Estate.

Cooperation with owners

"One of the serious tasks of our work is to attract private investment. If 62 sites of cultural heritage were restored for the whole 2020 at the expense of business, then for the first six months of 2021, 42 monuments have already been completed. Of course, this dynamic is very important for us. In addition, during this half-year, private owners received work permits for about 300 sites," Alexey Yemelyanov noted.

For example, the Krasheninnikovs residential building, located at Kozhevnicheskaya Street, house 20, building 19, was recently sold. The new owner will have to invest in the preservation of the historic building.

In the capital, the program of preferential rent called Ruble per Square Meter implementation continues. Now there are six monuments under this process - the tender winners are withdrawing these buildings from unsatisfactory condition and returning them to their historical appearance. In 2021, according to this program, the restoration of the Naumov-Volkonsky residential building on Prechistenka Street, house 36, building 2, was completed.

It is of great importance to work with the owners of monuments and prevent violations. For the first half of the year, more than 1,500 control measures were carried out. About 200 cases have been initiated. In total, fines were imposed in the amount of almost eight million rubles. Illegal work has been suspended at almost 40 sites.

"We consciously pay great attention to cooperation with owners. We always explain to them the procedure for working with sites, indicate deadlines, and try to help in every possible way. We do not set sights to increase the number of inspections or fines. Our goal is to ensure that the legislation is observed and restoration is underway. It is important that most of the violations this year were not so serious. If in previous years the works were carried out without permits causing damage to the monument, then in 2020 and in the first half of 2021 the violations are reflected more in non-compliance with the deadlines for work and reporting," Alexey Yemelyanov stressed.

Excursions, contests, master classes

The Department continued to implement projects aimed at popularizing cultural heritage sites. The department has a virtual guide, the Guardian Lion, which can be found in the chatbot of the same name in the Telegram messenger. Now there are already six routes that are dedicated to St. Valentine's Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Day, Cosmonautics Day, Children's Day and Day of Family, Love and Fidelity.

For six months, 254 full-time excursions, 30 excursions and master classes were held on the YouTube channel, the Heritage of my District third children's drawing contest was held.

"In 2021, about 3,000 works were submitted to the Heritage of My District children's drawing contest, which is twice as much as in the past. Of course, it is very gratifying that the interest of young residents in the architecture of their native city is only growing. That's why we created this contest. By the way, some children take part from year to year, each time sending us new works. This year, about 200 schoolchildren from almost all districts of Moscow became laureates," Alexey Yemelyanov added.