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Charity service on help of concerned citizens

Charity service on help of concerned citizens
With the help of a charity service on residents have already made more than 18 thousand payments. The total amount of donations amounted to more than five million rubles. About those whom the concerned citizens helped- in the material.

Launched in the fall of 2020, the charity service on allows you to direct funds to help children and adolescents, the elderly, people with disabilities, families who find themselves in a difficult life situation, as well as homeless animals. The list of partner funds of the project includes 46 verified charitable organizations.

In less than a year of its existence, more than 10 thousand people have used the platform, making transfers worth more than five million rubles. The money having been forwarded on good deeds has already helped a lot of people.

Help came on time

One of those who received the help was an 11 - year-old girl under care of the ‘Life as a Miracle’ fund. She has a rare genetic disease - tyrosinemia (occurs due to a metabolic defect and leads to severe liver and kidney pathology). Seven years ago, the girl underwent a liver transplant. In order to avoid rejection of the donor organ, she needs to take expensive medicines. The necessary amount was transferred, and the fund paid for a course of medicines. Now the girl can live a normal life, communicate with her age-mates.

Thanks to the donations of concerned residents of Moscow, it was possible to raise money for the repair of a small private house of one of the sponsees of the ‘Women for Life’ charity fund - a mother of three children. The woman combines the care of her sons with a part-time job as a nurse. The salary is very modest, the family does not have enough money to maintain the household. In winter, due to the moisture and cold, cracks formed in their house, mold appeared, and plaster began to fall off. With the help of funds from benefactors, the walls of the room were insulated.

With the help of a charity service, residents were also able to help the 14-year-old girl under care of the ’Korablik’ fund, who was diagnosed with eight serious diagnoses. The girl has growth retardation (cerebral-pituitary nanism), hyperelasticity of the skin (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) and vascular abnormality. To adjust the treatment, she was assigned to complete exome sequencing - a special genetic study. The necessary amount to close the fundraising was collected within a few weeks.

Assistance was also provided to a seven-year-old girl under care of the Oksana Fyodorova’s charitable fund with a diagnosis of infantile cerebral paralysis. The girl was paid for a rehabilitation course in a specialized institution. For a month, under the supervision of doctors, she was engaged in adaptive physical training and attended therapeutic massage sessions. As a result of the therapy, the muscle tone returned to normal, the condition of the articular-ligamentous apparatus improved. The girl began to take steps and overcome obstacles. With the help of the instructor, she even managed to climb the stairs.

The eight-year-old girl under care of the ‘Lifeline fund‘ was also diagnosed with infantile cerebral paralysis. She cannot move independently, it is necessary to regularly undergo a course of rehabilitation, which includes massage, physical therapy and medication. In the near future, the girl will undergo another therapeutic course at the Scientific and Practical Center for Pediatric Psychoneurology. Donations from Moscow residents collected at the charity service will help to pay for it.

How to help

To make a contribution to the address of the listed charitable fund, it is enough to be an authorized user of and find the Charity block in the My Payments section. There you need to choose a socially oriented program and specify the amount of the donation. No commission is charged for the transfer. You can make payments an unlimited number of times.

Charity project on has already proved its relevance and effectiveness. It was highly appreciated not only by domestic, but also by foreign experts. Early this year, the development of the Moscow Department of Information Technology and the Committee of Public Relations and Youth Policy won the Big Innovation Awards. In the spring, it received the international German Innovation Award.