Moscow has been ranked among top 3 cities in terms of innovations in the fight against COVID-19

Moscow has been ranked among top 3 cities in terms of innovations in the fight against COVID-19
Photo by Maxim Mishin, Press Service of the Mayor and Moscow Government
Among the main achievements are the Sputnik V vaccine, artificial intelligence for recognizing COVID-induced pneumonia, self-isolation index, service for delivery of COVID-19 tests, telemedicine platforms and diagnostic systems.

Moscow has been ranked among top 3 in terms of innovations in the fight against COVID-19 compiled by the StartupBlink international analytical center, specializing in research of innovative ecological systems of various countries and cities of the world. Sergei Sobyanin wrote about this in his weblog

The rating of innovations in the fight against coronavirus includes 100 cities. The Russian capital city was only surpassed by San Francisco and New York, but Moscow did better than Boston, Toronto, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Seoul, Taipei, and San Diego.

Back in March last year, StartupBlink in cooperation with UNAIDS, Health Innovation Exchange of Healthcare of the United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS created the global map of innovative solutions — an open database of the best practices to fight the coronavirus in various cities and countries around the world.

Applications for publishing solutions are accepted from analysis centers, startups, companies, cities, and countries around the world. The solutions are moderated by the UNAIDS experts. Preference is given not to ideas and prototypes, but to the systems that are used in real-case scenarios.

“The map is constantly updated, and over 1,300 innovations from 40 countries on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus infection, as well as on financial support, information and assistance in adapting and restoring the economy are included in it to date,” the Mayor of Moscow said in his weblog.

Over the past year, the map has become one of the main platforms for the sharing pandemic response experience internationally between dozens of countries and hundreds of cities worldwide.

Moscow contributed 46 innovative solutions that helped Muscovites through the rough times.

“Among them are the online schools Foxford and UCHi.RU, the self-isolation index and the Yandex service on COVID-19 tests delivery, telemedicine platforms, digital passes with QR codes, and diagnostic systems. And of course, the list of innovative solutions includes the main achievements of Moscow scientists - artificial intelligence used to recognize COVID-induced pneumonia, and the Sputnik V vaccine,” said Sergei Sobyanin.

These solutions helped Moscow secure the third place in the prestigious rating, but what is the most important that they saved thousands of lives.

Photo by Yulia Ivanko,