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From Mars to Zlatoslava and many more 2020 rare baby names

From Mars to Zlatoslava and many more 2020 rare baby names
Photo by Yevgeny Samarin,
More boys have been named Mark, Lev and Matvey last year, while the rare names given to baby girls are Miroslava, Mia, Amelia, Agatha and Ariana.

The Moscow Civil Registry kindly provided a list of the most unusual names given to newborns in 2020.

“The most popular names given to newborns in Moscow were Sofia (Sofya) for girls (over 2,800 newborns) and Alexander for boys (over 2,500). Compared to 2019, Mark, Lev and Matvey have become more popular, and there are more girls named Miroslava, Mia, Amelia, Agatha and Ariana,” according to the press service of the Moscow Civil Registry.

The top five male names are Mikhail (2,427), Maxim (2,284), Artyom (1,827), Mark (1,666) and Ivan (1,617). The most popular names for Moscow girls are Maria (2,220), Anna (2,084), Alisa (1,729), Viktoria (1,705) and Polina (1,603).

The less usual names popular in Moscow include Stephanie (424), Robert (259), Olivia (225), Melania (110), Stephan (49) and Theodore (46). Over 20 families gave their newborn girls an old Slavic name, Zlatoslava, and over 200 chose an abbreviated form, Zlata. There are more than 20 newborn girls named Yasna.

Some parents chose ancient Greek names such as Athena, Dionysus, Aphrodite and Odysseus. Two girls have been named Iskra, two other newborns have been given the name of the ancient Greek queen (or constellation) Cassiopeia, and two girls born in 2020 have been named Malvina.

Moscow residents also like the names of famous writers, actors and other celebrities, such as Korney, Leonardo, Rhianna and Garry.

Some of the babies have been named Sever (Nord) and Severina, Vesna (Spring), Oceana, Mars, Lucius, Lucifer and Olivier. There is one boy Rim (Rome) and two girls named India and Vienna.

A few newborns received hyphenated names Venus-Veronica, Patricia-Demetra-Page, Alexander-Sever, Yermak-Alexander, Lev-Moisey (Lion-Moses) and Ludwig-Alexander.