Irises, violets and spurges: New flowers planted in Zaryadye Park

Irises, violets and spurges: New flowers planted in Zaryadye Park
The park is undergoing remedial landscaping.

More than 16,000 perennials have been planted in Zaryadye Park as part of remedial landscaping. New seedlings are to replace withered plants or those that are no longer in bloom.

The municipal services have already updated three natural areas in the park, including the Mixed Forest, Steppe and Tundra. They were decorated with more than 30 different perennial species. People visiting the park will get a chance to enjoy the beauty of corydalis and sweet violets in the Mixed Forest while in the Steppe they’ll be able to observe cypress spurge, woodland sage and iris aphylla. The Tundra is a place to see Arctic bramble and mouse-ear chickweed.

The Zaryadye plant collection will be expanded with 85,000 new flowers this year, including 50,000 perennials and 35,000 bulbous plants. The hardy plants will be dug in before the cold season sets in while late September and early October will be the time for cultivating bulbous plants.

Zaryadye’s main pride is its unique botanical collection. The park boasts over 800,000 perennials and herbs that are spread across almost 28,000 sq m. The park’s exuberant flora is divided into several natural areas representing typical Russian landscapes. Other sections besides those already mentioned include among others the Coastal Forest and the Birth Grove.

Over 1.2 million perennials will have been planted in Moscow by the end of the year, which is twice as many as the year before. The planting began in mid-June.