Construction of nuclear medicine centre to begin in Skolkovo next year

Construction of nuclear medicine centre to begin in Skolkovo next year
The project concept based on international practices is currently in development.

Construction of a nuclear medicine centre is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2021 in the Skolkovo medical cluster, according to Head of the Moscow Department of Construction Rafik Zagrutdinov.

The project concept is currently being developed based on international experience. The centre is planned for completion in late 2023.

Rafik Zagrutdinov noted that the nuclear medicine centre with a double-cyclotrone production unit will be a unique facility in Russia.

Another project currently in progress on the territory of the medical cluster is an outpatient centre of the Israel-based Hadassah clinic that will have an area of 25,000 sq m. Other facilities completing the cluster include a 50,000 sq m multi-purpose medical centre (its construction began recently), an apartment hotel and a modern R&D laboratory that will occupy 15,000 sq m.

The multi-purpose medical centre will have a structure similar to a medical mall, with small-size clinics relying on shared medical services.

The centre will be designed to allow fast and inexpensive layout changes such as expanding space or, on the contrary, optimising its usage. We can see that mobility of medical services is one of the key trends in construction of healthcare facilities around the world,” Rafik Zagrutdinov said.