Technopolis Moscow to develop software for virtual SIM cards

Technopolis Moscow to develop software for virtual SIM cards
Photo: Evgeny Samarin
They’ll be placed in mobiles during production to replace traditional SIM cards.

 Eastcompeace Rus Ltd. that develops online platforms for recording virtual SIM cards is relocating its production facilities to the Technopolis Moscow in 2021. The investor wants to channel 127 million roubles into the project, Deputy Moscow Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Yefimov noted.

Virtual SIM cards are microchips, installed inside mobile devices during the production stage replacing traditional SIM cards. Such major telephone manufacturers as Samsung and Apple already use these technologies.  The online microchip can record the profile of any mobile operator providing this service.

Eastcompeace Rus Ltd. will develop and service these profiles. Subscribers using this technology will no longer have to visit mobile operators for obtaining their services. Clients traveling abroad will no longer have to buy local SIM cards, and they can install inexpensive online options.

“The company was the first to start developing software for virtual SIM cards on the Russian market. It has been manufacturing traditional SIM cards for 16 years and cooperating with major operators in Russia, Germany, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia and Tajikistan. The company that annually manufactures over 50 million traditional SIM cards will soon obtain resident status at the Technopolis Moscow special economic zone and will relocate their production facilities there in 2021,” Yefimov added.

The company also plans to launch the production of bank cards using a new technology called contact centre platform customisation. This makes it possible to integrate bank cards with payment devices, according to Head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy Alexander Prokhorov. “The technology makes it possible to manufacture unconventional custom-made contact platforms. The company plans to develop debit and credit cards for Russian banks and those in other CIS countries,” he added.

Gennady Dyogtev, the Director General of the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone, noted that the facility aims to expand the economic zone’s IT cluster.

“Today, the Technopolis Moscow has eight residents developing IT knowhow. Since early 2020, they have invested almost 200 million roubles in the municipal economy. “After relocating its unique production facilities to Moscow, Eastcompeace Rus Ltd. will be able to team up with other residents, and the company will be eligible for all preferences, such as property, land and transport tax exemptions, reduced profit tax and a free customs zone regime, after obtaining resident status,” Mr Dyogtev added.

The Technopolis Moscow includes five platforms with a total area of 206.8 ha in Pechatniki and Alabushevo and at the companies Micron, Angstrom and National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET). The special economic zone has greenfield and brownfield territories with over 150 high-tech companies, including over 70 having resident status.