Through a mirror labyrinth and an old-growth forest: Scenic bike routes in parks

Through a mirror labyrinth and an old-growth forest: Scenic bike routes in parks
Moscow’s nature areas have 69 km of bike lanes along embankments, ponds and walkways, through forests and by modern art installations.

Riding a bike from home to work has become a habit for many. However, people looking not only to ride but also to enjoy picturesque views should go to parks. There are 69 km of bike lanes in recreation zones along embankments, near ponds, in forests and in open areas. Read’s article on the most scenic routes.

Through a rose garden or a mirror labyrinth

One of the most beautiful bike routes runs along the parterre of Sokolniki Park. The 12-km-long bike path goes through the central sites, the forest, a large rose garden and Sobachy Pond. The paved trail has navigation signs and markings. In addition, cyclists can wash their bikes for free at the self-service wash station on Festival Square.

There is a 3.7-km-long bike path in Mitino Landscape Park. It can be roughly divided into two routes: the first one goes along Roslovka and Penyaginskaya streets and ends in Festival Square, and the second one follows along Penyaginsky Pond. The bike lane is separated from the pedestrian area by a strip of bulky granite stones.

Cyclists can ride through linden alleys and hills, near a splash fountain and by the Mirror Labyrinth art installation in Khodynskoye Polye Park. The bike path is short – only 2.5 km – but very picturesque.


Along Big Grafsky Pond or in the shade of an old-growth forest

Those interested in a leisurely bike ride should go to Izmailovo Park to admire the scenery. The 4.3-km-long route starts in the central part of the park near the Big Circle walkway, goes along the forest path of the Proletarsky entrance and ends at the park entrance near Entuziastov Motorway. Cyclists can relax or have a snack on the benches along the paths.

In Severnoye Tushino Park, cyclists can ride along the embankment and enjoy the views of the Northern River Port and the Khimki Reservoir. The lane is 3.2 km long, with bike parking and water kiosks along the entire route. The embankment is especially beautiful during sunset. But even as darkness falls, it is still user-friendly: the bike paths are well lit (and not only in Severnoye Tushino).


Cyclists can also pedal along the Moskva River in Fili Park, with a view of the Mnevnikovskaya flood plain. On a hot day, cyclists can choose the shade of tall old-growth trees. The 2.5-km-long bike route begins near the main entrance, passes through the northern part of the park where all you can hear are birds singing, crosses the main walkway and ends near the Constructor sports complex.


The list of routes with beautiful views also includes the bike path in the park near Raduga Ponds. The 2-km-long route runs along the picturesque embankment by the cascade of the Big Grafsky and Italian ponds, which appeared in 1750. Deciduous and coniferous trees grow along the lane, lined with flower beds.

You can always rent a bike, for example, via the city bike share or directly in parks.

Bike paths in Moscow parks:

Sokolniki Park — 12 km

Mitino Landscape Park — 3.7 km

Izmailovo Park — 4.3 km

Vorobyovy Gory Nature Sanctuary — 4.3 km

Park near Borisovskye Ponds and its recreation zone — 3.8 and 3 km

50 Letiya Oktyabrya Park (50th Anniversary of the October 1917 Revolution Park) — 3.5 km

Public garden in Olonetsky Proyezd — 3.5 km

Severnoye Tushino — 3.2 km

Kolomenskoye Museum and Nature Reserve — 3.1 km

Angarskiye Ponds Park — 3.1 km

Olympic Village Park — 3 km

Gorky Park — 2.7 km

Khodynskoye Polye Park — 2.5 km

Fili Park — 2.5 km

Sadovniki Park — 2 km

Park near Raduga Ponds — 2 km

Park near Dzhamgarovsky Pond — 1.9 km

Levoberezhye recreation zone — 1.3 km

Muzeon Arts Park — 1.2 km

Altufyevo Estate — 900 m

Goncharovo Park — 800 m

Perovo Park — 800 m.