Walks and outdoor activities in Moscow from 1 June

Walks and outdoor activities in Moscow from 1 June
Photo: mos.ru. Maxim Denisov
Taking strolls in Moscow permitted three times a week.

As of 1 June, city residents will be allowed to go for lengthy strolls and to take a bit of outdoor exercise, Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog.

“From Monday, strolls and outdoor exercise will be permitted for people residing in Moscow. The majority of city parks and landscaped areas will reopen. Of course, more people in the streets will increase the risk of infection. Hence, there are to be strict walking rules which will be in place for a couple of weeks, from 1 to 14 June 2020,” the Moscow Mayor explained.

It’s really worked out excellently having people in Moscow in self-isolation for nine weeks, Mr Sobyanin noted. It has helped save thousands of lives. The second stage of easing the restrictions has become possible because the number of new coronavirus cases reported each day has been steadily decreasing. However, the Mayor urged maximum caution, adding that this is why he had signed an order extending the self-isolation regime plus the system of passes and some other restrictions up until 14 June 2020.

Walks and passes

Between 1 and 14 June, all city residents, including people 65+ and those with chronic diseases, will be permitted to take lengthy strolls.

The ban still remains for the COVID-19 patients, people with suspected coronavirus infection or anyone suffering from respiratory diseases and those who share a flat with them, as well as those who were ordered to remain indoors by a sanitary physician, for example, after a trip abroad.

Only those who plan to travel to a park for a walk or outdoor exercise by car or public transport will have to request a pass for personal reasons, which can be done twice a week.

Masks and gloves

These two items are crucial! The mask and gloves regulation will become even tighter as of 1 June 2020. It will be obligatory for those going outdoors, including for walks or exercises, to wear masks, respirators or other respiratory PE.

Wearing gloves will also be mandatory at work, in shops and chemists, at My Documents centres and on public transport as well as various other facilities.

Going out hours

People will be permitted to take outdoor exercise every morning until 9 am without any restrictions. Walks are allowed between 9 am and 9 pm three times a week (twice on workdays and once at the weekend).

The walking schedule: will be available on mos.ru, Yandex and mobile apps for every residential building.

Where to walk

People can walk and take exercise at any open city spaces, including yards, parks, city gardens and landscaped areas. But there are certain restrictions.

First, residents are advised to take strolls within 2 km of where they are living.

The majority of city parks and landscaped areas will open to the public. However, access to them can be limited if too many people decide to go to these places. The administration can temporarily close the park if they get very crowded.

When preparing to go for a walk, everyone should request information about the number of people already walking there to decide whether to go there or choose some other route. This information will be available on Yandex.

“The new walking rules may seem too complicated. I am not pleased with them either. But we had three objectives in mind when we adopted these rules. First, we wanted to allow Moscow residents to take really long walks rather than to just pop out for half an hour. The second thing is that we didn’t want to introduce yet another variety of digital passes. And thirdly, we wanted to prevent overcrowding and hence the risk of infection,” Sergei Sobyanin pointed out.

Behaving properly during walks and outdoor exercising is vital

First of all, maintain social distance.

It will still be strictly forbidden to use city infrastructure such as benches, pavilions, children’s and sports playgrounds, as well as any other facilities where you could get or transmit the infection.

Transport and sports equipment

The use of any types of vehicles that have engines is prohibited during outdoor exercising. Permitted are bicycles or scooters (including electric ones), roller skates, skateboards, Nordic walking sticks and any other personal sports equipment.

A pass will be required if cars are used or a bus is taken to the nearest park.


Police and technical inspectors will oversee compliance with the “walking slots.” So, it would be reasonable to have copies or screenshots of your passport or any other ID with your residence address, such as ownership certificates or lease contracts.

“We’ll see how this walking experiment works, and in two weeks we may extend or adjust it, or we could even cancel all restrictions concerning walks,” the Moscow Mayor added.

Information about the prevention and treatment of the coronavirus infection is available on the Moscow COVID-19 hotline (8 am till 9 pm): +7 (495) 870 4509 and here.