Masks and gloves will be mandatory in public transport in Moscow as of 12 May

Masks and gloves will be mandatory in public transport in Moscow as of 12 May
Photo: Press Service of Moscow Mayor and the Moscow Government. Denis Grishkin
These protective items will help decrease the risk of infection by contact.

The use of masks and gloves in the Moscow Metro will be mandatory starting 12 May, Sergei Sobyanin said to Russia 24 TV channel.

“As we allow a large number of people to go back to work, we understand that they will start using public transport, so the number of people in close proximity will grow. We must compensate for this somehow. This is why we are introducing additional rules and stricter requirements for the metro, including masks and gloves in public transport,” the Mayor said.

According to Mayor Sobyanin, Muscovites must gradually adapt to uncomfortable pandemic-related conditions. Starting 12 May, manufacturing, the industrial and construction sectors, will resume operations.

“This will get 500,000 people back to work, people who have to stay at home now. We are talking about closed industrial facilities where employee working conditions and sanitary standards can be controlled,” Sergei Sobyanin noted.

Restrictions for companies in the service sector will remain in force, because their workers contact an indefinite number of people, and it would be very difficult to control the spread of the virus in these conditions. The decision to open government services centres in Moscow is expected to be made in a week. In addition, a digital permit is still required to travel around the city.

The mandatory use of masks and gloves in public transport due to the increasing number of passengers was recommended by sanitary physicians.

“I completely agree with them: this will help prevent many cases of infection. People touch handrails and bars. When there are a lot of people, this contact can be very risky,” the Mayor added.

The Moscow Metro and surface transport are focusing on disinfection.

“Public transport frequency will increase; it will run as often as possible to better allow passengers to observe social distancing. Regular disinfection is carried out: carriages, handrails, doors and everything that people touch is being disinfected,” Sergei Sobyanin said.

Over 2,000 employees clean and disinfect the platforms at all Moscow Metro stations every day. The surfaces in all passenger related infrastructure are washed every one or two hours.

At night, entire passenger areas – entrance halls, platforms and turnstiles – are treated with hot air blowers with a disinfectant. This method is effective as it allows to cover large areas, treat hard-to-reach spots and save time. For example, one machine can disinfect up to 2,500 square metres per hour.

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