Over 137,000 children born in Moscow in 2019

Over 137,000 children born in Moscow in 2019
The birth rate peaked in the last summer months, with over 13,000 children born in Moscow in July and August.

Last year, 137,355 birth certificates were registered in Moscow civil registry offices (3,500 more babies than in 2018). Of these, 70,672 (51.5%) are boys and 66,683 (48.5%) are girls, as reported by Deputy Moscow Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova. The birth rate peaked in the summer months, with more than 13,000 children born in Moscow in July and August. Among the babies registered in 2019 are twins (1,834), triplets (25) and quadruplets (two).

Newborns were mostly named Alexander and Sofia. Mikhail and Maxim also joined TOP 3 boy names. Maria and Anna were second and third among the most popular girl names.

60 per cent of new parents were aged 25-34, with almost 30 per cent of moms and dads being 35+.

'The birth rate still exceeds the death rate in Moscow: in 2019, the birth rate increased by more than 13 per cent compared to 2018. One of the Moscow healthcare priorities is good health of expectant mothers and newborns, with maternity care system changed. Previously, maternity welfare centres were part of the city clinics, but today they are divisions of maternity and multi-specialty hospitals, with their physicians jointly taking care of women throughout the pregnancy period. So, Moscow has now an obstetrics network, where pregnant women are observed by cardiologists, haematologists, endocrinologists and other doctors,' told Anastasia Rakova.

Parents leaving a maternity hospital are given an 'Our Precious’ set for their newborn child. It includes children's clothing, feeding, swaddling and bathing accessories, rattles, napkins, ointments, powders — a total of 44 items required in the first months of a baby's life. In 2019, over 120,000 sets were handed over in Moscow. Since the beginning of 2020, parents have received some 10,000 sets.

Moreover, maternity hospitals' upgrade is underway in Moscow, with overhauls made in healthcare facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment supplied, including cardiac monitors, infant incubators, heated changing tables, ultrasound machines, aesthetic and respiratory appliances and new operating tables. Children's intensive care units in obstetric hospitals have now cutting-edge medical equipment to provide care for newborns with very low and extremely low body weight.

Besides, on 4 May 2019, on the eve of Krasnaya Gorka festival, Moscow Mayor's project launched in Moscow offering unusual marriage registration sites. Now you can register your marriage in mansions and estates, on observation decks in the Moscow City Business Centre towers, in the Ostankino TV Tower, and even in the Moscow Planetarium. A total of 31 Moscow venues are open for wedding ceremonies.

Moscow civil registry offices offer both to register a marriage, and hold a ceremony of a newborn's naming. This is a festive event where one can congratulate a family on the birth of a child and where parents are handed their baby's birth certificate in a festive atmosphere. Naming ceremonies can be held for one family or for several families at the same time. To apply for the naming ceremony, parents are to contact a civil registry office and submit their baby's birth certificate.

You can register your child's birth and have a certificate issued in My Documents centres. Also, public services' specialists assist new mothers in getting the document right in a maternity hospital. You can apply for a birth certificate at any Public Services Centre with no official fee charged. Parents receive their baby's first document right on the date of application. When applying at a maternity hospital, you will get a birth certificate the next day.