Moscow's EMS ranks as the second most efficient in the world

Moscow's EMS ranks as the second most efficient in the world
Photo: Yuliya Ivanko
In some criteria, Moscow's EMS was second only to those of Berlin, London and Paris.

Moscow's EMS is the second most efficient one among the world's megacities, as reported by PwC during the presentation of the international study Analysis of EMS Efficiency in Megacities of the World.

Berlin was the first, with New York ranking third, followed by Paris and. Experts have compared EMSs of 15 megacities of the world, including Shanghai, Delhi, Mexico City, London, Seoul, São Paulo, Rome, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Johannesburg. The ranking was based on criteria such as response time, patient experience and much more.

Moscow's EMS equipment was among the TOP3, with Berlin ranking first, Johannesburg being second, and Moscow being third. New York and Paris were fourth and fifth.

Moscow ranked second for the number of EMS teams per 100,000 residents with 8.2 teams. London is the first (38.1), with Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo ranking third, fourth and fifth, with 5.2, 3.3 and 1.8, respectively.

The average EMS operator response time in Moscow is 4 seconds, being the best time in megacities of the world, with 9 seconds in Berlin and Rome, 20 seconds in London, and in 1 min 10 sec in New York. In addition, the average EMS call registration time in Moscow is only 1 min 42 sec. Only Berlin is faster, with 1 min. New York ranks third (1 min 52 sec), followed by Singapore and Paris (2 min 21 sec).

In Moscow, the delay between the call registration and EMS team departure is 2 min 30 sec. In New York, it is 5 min. In London, it will take 7 min 24 sec. Besides, Moscow EMS physicians arrive faster than their foreign colleagues, with the time between the call and EMS arrival being 14 min 34 sec. In London, it is 17 min 13 sec, in New York it is 17 min 55 sec and in Berlin, it is 21 min 9 sec.

The EMS patient satisfaction index in Moscow made up 95%. It is higher only in Paris (96%). New York ranks third (94%), with Singapore (93%) and Berlin (90%) following.

This year, Moscow's emergency medical service celebrates its anniversary. The first-aid station that responded the first ambulance call opened 100 years ago. It occupied three rooms of the Sklifosovsky Research Institute, called at that time Sheremetyevskaya Hospital.