New venues and installations: Circle of Light festival's brightest events

New venues and installations: Circle of Light festival's brightest events
Enjoy multimedia shows at nine Moscow venues.

The Circle of Light to run from 20 till 24 September will become the highlight of this autumn. Moscow will immerse into the atmosphere of geometric illusions, laser projections and light installations.

Fireworks over the water and light and music entwined

The festival will open on 20 September on Grebnoi Canal. From 08:30 pm till 09:30, a multimedia musical 'Seven Notes' will be screened there, a story about music helping people to reach peace of mind, followed by a 15-minute music and fireworks show.

An arc will be mounted over the channel to connect the two banks and serve as a screen for video projections. There will be more than a hundred fire burners and over two hundred fountains mounted in the water, with screens to visually bring the show characters closer to the guests. This year, there will be even more seats arranged.

On 21 and 22 September, 07:45 pm till 09:30 pm, Grebnoi Canal will have ‘Seven Notes' musical rerun. These days, a fireworks show is to last five minutes.

On the Festival's closing day, 24 September, Grebnoi Canal will see a 25-minute 'Unity Code' light show about several epochs and major events in the history of Russia. The Festival will conclude with a 10-minute musical pyrotechnic show with high-rise fireworks to have charges up to 300 mm.

'Space Odyssey', 'Spartacus' and the history of the Polytechnic Museum: bright stories told on the building facades.

Five days at a run, facades of the Bolshoi, the Maly and the Russian Academic Youth theatres on Teatralnaya Square will have a panoramic 270-degree projection of a five-minute light show novel dedicated to the Year of Theatre.  Guests will also watch the 'Spartacus' show, stories from the official partners of the festival and the works by the finalists of Art Vision, the international video mapping contest in Classic category.

Photo: Yuliya Ivanko

For the first time, the renovated Polytechnic Museum will become a Festival's venue, too.  07:30 pm till 11:00 pm, you are welcome to watch multimedia shows telling the history of the Polytechnic University and technological advances projected on its facade. The audience will learn about the Polytechnic exhibition in 1872, the activities of scientific laboratories, meetings with prominent figures of Russian culture and art, and the secrets of the Polytechnic Museum.

Akademika Sakharova Prospekt will also host a new show.  A 15-minute laser show and video projections will cycle on the building facades. 'Space Odyssey' will open the deep space to the audience. The 28-minute 'Melodies of Knowledge' show will introduce to scientific disciplines.

Illusions and light: take a walk in the parks

Those who love evening walks in the parks will also get to the centre of the Circle of Light. Ostankino Park visitors will plunge into the world of illusions created by 15 light and video projection installations. Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve will turn into a Fairy-Tale Park. Meet a genie, animated puppets and dancing men or watch the shadow theatre's performances. Grounds covering 1.5 ha will host installations and video mapping shows. Besides, on 22 September, at 08:00 pm, the Park will host Dmitry Malikov's concert with a light show.  The programme will include songs and musical pieces by the People's Artist of Russia.

The Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Gora will present the works of the Art Vision contest participants from 12 countries in the Modern category.

Admission to all venues is free. Read more about the Circle of Light events on the official website.