Whose garden is the best: Flower Jam landscape design competition winners named

Whose garden is the best: Flower Jam landscape design competition winners named
42 design projects from 11 countries have reached the final, with the top award winner, as well as gold, silver and bronze medallists in the five categories named. All the Grand Prix went to designers from Russia.

The results of Flower Jam, the third open international urban landscape design competition and festival, were announced at the VDNKh Culture Centre. According to Deputy Moscow Mayor Natalya Sergunina, Landscape Design for Social Grounds category was the most significant novelty.

"Flower Jam, the third international landscape design competition and festival, has reached its end, and today we are happy to congratulate the winners. This year, Flower Jam gardens have been blooming all summer and will please our eyes until the end of September, changing their colours, size, appearance and even fragrance, creating points of attraction for Muscovites and Moscow guests. Summer gardens of Moscow cover almost 7,000 sq m of public spaces for millions of people to enjoy. Perhaps the most important novelty of Flower Jam 2019 was the Landscape Design for Social Grounds category. Gardens of this category were set out on the grounds of schools, care homes, hospitals and other social institutions. It makes sense to develop this field next year: for example, to create insightful landscape designs on the grounds of Moscow museums, or therapy gardens for hospices," Deputy Mayor said.

Evaluation of contestants

It is the third Flower Jam held in Moscow. This year, the festival received 260 applications from landscape designers from 12 countries, including Italy, Slovakia, Georgia, Ethiopia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The authors of 42 most outstanding projects, which decorated Moscow on 20 June, reached the final round. 200,000 plants have been used to create these gardens.

The jury have been assessing the competition projects throughout the summer. Experts inspected the gardens of the finalists three times, watching their dynamic growth. The judges analysed flower arrangements according to several criteria, such as general concept, design, plant selection, emotional impact and garden’s changes. The last inspection was in early September.

Grand Prix winners

Flower Jam participants competed in five professional categories. The authors from Russia won all the Grand Prix:

— Patricia Garcia Alayo won in the Big Exhibition Garden category with her Above the Roof Garden set up in Arbat Street. The composition looks like as abandoned building gradually taken over by wild nature. In late August, cereals and flowers bloomed in this garden;

— Tree Park team won the Medium-Size Exhibition Garden category. Their Nature Architecture Garden in Novy Arbat Street symbolises the future of our cities, with nature and industrialisation going hand in hand, and plants merging into architecture;

Nature Architecture Garden

— Natalya Shushlebina was the best in the Small Exhibition Garden. Her Neglinka-Garden flower arrangement dedicated to the long-lost Moscow rivers is located near Sukharevskaya metro station;

— Krasnodar State University students Sergo Popov, Anna Anikina, Oksana Krista won the Student Design Competition category. Their 404 You Found Garden shows that a city and wildlife can co-exist, and that megacity inhabitants should sometimes stop and relax for just a minute.

Sokotra team was the best in the Landscape Design for Social Grounds category with their Newfound Land Garden, which appeared on the grounds of Speransky Municipal Children’s Hospital. The composition looks like an island with unusual plants — various cacti and exotic flowers. This garden both rejoices hospital patients and helps children cultivate their imagination, invites to play and improves sensory attention.

Newfound Land Garden

Competition winners

Apart from the Grand Prix, gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded in each Flower Jam category, with winners from Russia, Italy, China, Uruguay, Finland, Slovakia, Georgia, France, the UK and Kazakhstan.

Big Exhibition Garden

Gold medals:

— Archiland team, Red Garden (Russia);

— Lorenza Bartolozzi, Luke Catalano and Claudia Clementini, Circle Garden (Italy);

— Richard Marfyak, Michal Marcinov, 360 Garden (Slovakia);

— Yevgenia Vorontsova (Russia), Gravity Garden (Russia);

— Alessandro Trivelli, Silvia Calatroni, Landscape Is You Garden (Italy).

 Landscape Is You Garden. Photo: mos.ru. Maxim Denisov

Silver medals:

— Yelena Gorskaya, City Sounds Garden (Russia);

— Yelena Bykova, Whirlwind of Fate Garden (Russia).

Bronze medals:

— Vitaly Panteleyev, Anastasia Golovina, Entourage Plays Garden (Russia);

— Yelizaveta Kozyreva, Life Garden (Russia).

Middle-Sized Exhibition Garden

Gold medals:

— Katyusha Ratto, Kandin-Skyline Garden (Italy);

— Kairi Meos, Topographical Stories Garden (Finland);

— Maggie Wu, Alejandro O'Neil, Amazing Garden (China, Uruguay).

Silver medals:

— Yolki team, Origami Garden (Russia);

— Tinatin Khimshiashvili, Giorgi Saginadze, Marina Shimanskaya, Silk Road Garden (Georgia);

— Elina Krasilnikova, Nadezhda Abdrashitova, Alesya Goncharik, Ilya Zdulyakin, Ana Zlateva, Olga Vakhrameyeva, Intermission Garden (Russia);

— Yelena Fedosova, Green Fuzz Garden (Russia);

— Adele Sironi, David Rampinelli, Universal Rhythm Garden (Italy).

Green Fuzz Garden. Photo: mos.ru. Yuliya Ivanko

Bronze medals:

— Dmitry Bochkov, Denis Batashev, Urban Pastoral Garden (Russia);

— Damien Michel, Stone Garden (France, UK);

— Pavel Cherepanov, Tide Garden (Russia).

Small Exhibition Garden

Silver medals:

 — Tanja Nieminen, Tiina Holmberg, Goblin and the Ray of Light Garden (Finland);

— Heidi Hannus, Harmony With Diagonals Garden (Finland).

Bronze medal went to:

— Alex Solomnishvili, Reflection Garden (Georgia).

Landscape Design for Social Grounds

Gold medals:

— Lucia Nusiner, Healing Landscape in Nature Garden (Italy);

— DN Landscape Studio's team, Yolk Garden (Kazakhstan);

Healing Landscape in Nature Garden

Silver medal went to:

— Yekaterina Novitskaya, Fabulous Whale Garden (Russia).

Bronze medals:

— Inessa Kaushakite, Svetlana Gorbatova, Hope Garden (Russia);

— Marina Tsai, Irina Pavlova, Yelizaveta Salikhova, Polina Mishago, Tatiana Subocheva, Yelena Volodina, Alexandra Lukichyova, Anastasia Kryazhevskaya, Suvorov's Green Pharmacy Garden (Russia).

Student Design Competition

Gold medals:

— Yelena Khaltanova, Yulia Krasnova, Yelena Pisareva, Architecture Flowers Garden (Russia).

Silver medals:

— A. Melnikov, Yu. Nesterenko, Ye. Bulygin, Head Lyudmila Chursina, World Archipelago Garden (Russia);

— Tamara Gagkoyeva, My Way Garden (Russia);

— Darya Timoshina, Yelizaveta Trub, Head Lyudmila Chursina, Dynamics Garden (Russia);

— Alina Chernikova, Andrei Pylayev, Roof-Top Garden (Russia).

Bronze medals:

— Polina Solomatina, Page 19 Garden (Russia);

— Svetlana Khlystova, Summer—City—Simplicity Garden (Russia);

— Anna Zhiltsova, Nostalgia Garden (Russia);

— Sofia Romashkova, Mai Lin Chin, Head Lyudmila Chursina, Beyond Garden (Russia).

Flower Jam is the world's largest landscape design competition and festival. This is the third festival and it brings together more and more participants and spectators every year. On 20 June, 42 colourful competing garden designs decorated Moscow streets. On 23 August, Flower Jam entertainment program launched, with master classes, concerts, tours and other events held for Moscow residents and guests. The City Day celebration on 7-8 September was the festival's climax.