Sergei Sobyanin establishes awards for the best digital projects

Sergei Sobyanin establishes awards for the best digital projects
Photo: Yuliya Ivanko
One million roubles will go to the winners of the Moscow hackathon.

Authors of the best digital products will be awarded the Moscow Mayor prizes. The relevant resolution has been adopted by the Moscow Government Presidium.

The annual Digital Transformation Leaders award will be given for the developments that improve the efficiency of various city economy sectors.

Each of the 10 awards amounts to one million roubles to be awarded to the winners of a special competition, a hackathon. Eligible for the contest are development teams of three to five people (analyst, developer, marketer, designer). The first prize will go to a team suggesting the best IT solution to an actual problem.

In 2018, 1,700 people from 45 cities of Russia applied for a similar hackathon, with 400 participants to make 117 teams. The winners were nine teams, who developed the following projects:

— StartBlock, a mobile app to invite friends to shop together;

— DTGPSTP, a chatbot to control merchandising quality in retail chains;

— Pro_solutions, a personal account prototype for a web-service to optimize reinforced concrete shipments;

— EORA, a system that helps customers to choose products;

— Front Guys, an app to automate preparation for field inspections.

Roughly estimated, at least 3,000 people will take part in Hackathon 2019, with about 150 teams from six countries (Armenia, Belarus, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia and the Czech Republic) to join the international tour.

Another 150 teams will be built after 15 industry hackathons to take place in Moscow.

250 teams are expected to be selected for the final hackathon in the following areas: Smart City, Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Management Systems and Marketplace.