For foreign users: Suppliers Portal available in English now

For foreign users: Suppliers Portal available in English now
To date, Suppliers Portal has already reached the level of world electronic platforms.

The English version of Suppliers Portal has become available to entrepreneurs, as reported by Gennady Dyogtev, Head of the Moscow Department for Competition Policy, during the discussion 'Optimisation of Public Procurement Mechanisms' at the Moscow Financial Forum.

"The digital transformation leader will be the one that will study the diversity of experience, adjust it to the needs of his audience and offer the best solutions. For this purpose, an English version of the Suppliers Portal has been introduced. The tools of this online resource are now available to foreign users. Sharing experience and best practices helps to be more sensitive to the trends that can potentially simplify procurement," Gennady Dyogtev said.

Head of the Department noted that the Suppliers Portal has already reached the level of the world's electronic platforms and even surpassed them in some respects.

"The Suppliers Portal has absorbed the best world practices, developed and simplified them. There are similar resources in other economically developed countries. However, the comparison shows that it is here that a complete digital product, a new procurement format is developing," Gennady Dyogtev added.

The availability of quoted sessions, direct procurement and request for quotations are among the Portal's benefits. Also, the platform offers an electronic procedure for transactions and full coverage of price parameters.

In the first half of 2019, the number of contracts concluded through the Suppliers Portal between Moscow and regional customers and small businesses increased by 14 percent, with 160,000 transactions worth RUB 14 billion.

Today, there are more than 13,500 Moscow and regional customers working in different fields registered in the Suppliers Portal.