Around Moscow on Lastochka: Moscow Central Circle turns three

Around Moscow on Lastochka: Moscow Central Circle turns three
Photo: Evgeny Samarin
MCC runs through 26 districts of Moscow. Since 2016, trains have carried more than 360 million passengers.

On 10 September, Moscow Central Circle celebrates its 3rd anniversary. During this time, MCC trains have carried more than 360 million passengers (95 million since the beginning of 2019). To date, the average daily passenger traffic exceeds 500,000 people. This is almost 75 percent more than in 2016.

The project was based on the infrastructure of the Moscow Belt Railway. MCC passes through 26 districts of Moscow, which is home to about two million people. There are 31 stations with interchanges to 23 metro stations and 10 stations with changes to the nine radial railway lines.

Lastochka trains running the circle offer Moscow citizens and guests modern services — air conditioning, chemical toilets, information screens, free Wi-Fi, sockets to charge mobile devices and bike racks. Smart climate control system automatically releases hot air streams in front of the open doors to keep the carriages warm, and disinfects the air. 

You can charge your gadgets on MCC stations, too. In addition, there are boards with information about train arrival time, 'Live Chat' information desks, vending machines, bank terminals, mirrors in the lobbies and a free electronic library.

It was at the MCC that the contactless fare payment system at turnstiles was introduced, to appear later in the metro. In addition to Troika travelcard, passengers can pay fare using bank cards, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay.

MCC infrastructure has been fully adapted for a comfortable access of people with limited mobility. Stations are equipped with 66 elevators, 19 lifting platforms, over 120 escalators, ramps and tactile paving, wide entrance doors and turnstiles. As well as the metro, MCC employs personnel of the Service Centre for passengers with limited mobility.