Highways and stack interchanges: new roads week in Moscow

Highways and stack interchanges: new roads week in Moscow
A number of new roads and interchanges opened in different parts of Moscow within three days. Mos.ru tells about the new convenient routes.

New future route  

The upgraded interchange at the junction of the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and Besedinskoye Highway was the first September gift for drivers. Having largely improved traffic on the south of Moscow, it is to become later part of the outbound route Pechatniki — Brateyevo. 

Seven highway exits and two overpasses have replaced the former parclo interchange. Only 5.3 km of roads, but the difference is striking! The interchange's capacity has tripled to 8,000 cars per hour in each direction. Traffic on the Moscow Ring Road between Besedinsky Bridge and Kashirskoye Highway has been unloaded by an average of 14%. Today, the road's capacity is up to 10,000 cars per hour driving in both directions.

In general, the interchange has unloaded the traffic in Maryino, Zyablikovo and Brateyevo districts.

By the end of autumn, the upgraded section will be improved for pedestrians. A pedestrian overpass will open over the Moscow Ring Road, with sound barriers installed along the road, and trees and shrubs planted.

The updated interchange will be the first part of the future outbound route to launch in 2022. Starting from the Third Transport Ring, the highway is to pass through Yuzhnoportovy and Pechatniki districts, cross the Kursk line of the Moscow railway and Lyublino industrial area and then run on sections of Besedinskoye Highway and Lyublinskaya Streets towards the Moscow Ring Road.

The road will link the Central Sistrict, the South-East and the Southern administrative areas, and reduce the traffic load on Volgogradsky Prospekt, Lublinskaya Street, Kashirskoye Highway and others.

Interchange for the expressway 

A new interchange of the Moscow Ring Road with Generala Dorokhova Street was the final link in the southern section of the North-West Expressway (a girder bridge over Karamyshevskoye Alignment is to be built). It is to provide a convenient exit to the Ring from the southern alternate route of Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Initially, the interchange was not supposed to open until 2020, but the builders managed to significantly accelerate the work and complete it by the 872nd anniversary of Moscow.

Now, it is easier for drivers to get from the Moscow Ring Road to Generala Dorokhova Street, North-West Expressway and Mosfilmovskaya Street. Transport accessibility of Solntsevo and Ochakovo-Matveyevskoye districts, Meshchersky, Zarechye and Kuntsevo-2 towns, and Skolkovo Innovation Centre has improved significantly.

Earlier, car flows had to cross due to cloverleaf exits, now each flow has its own lane. There is an overpass running from Generala Dorokhova Street to the outside of the Moscow Ring Road, and from the inside of the ring road drivers can drive through the tunnel towards the region.

The main overpass over the Moscow Ring Road has been extended, with four right-turn exits and two service roads along the inside and outside of the MKAD reconstructed, and overtaking lanes arranged. There is a wide sidewalk for pedestrians, with sound barriers.

But there is something more! Soon, drivers will be able to get from the interchange to the new outbound route and drive to the city centre. An 11 km long six-lane track will pass between Michurinsky and Kutuzovsky Prospekts.

A significant part of the road has already been built, with Muscovites already choosing its new name. This highway will reduce the load on Michurinsky and Kutuzovsky Prospekts, Mozhaiskoye and Aminyevskoye highways, Mosfilmovskaya Street, and link the North-Western Expressway and Southern belt road.

To link Troitsk and Shcherbinka 

Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative areas, in addition to radial lines, will soon have cross-linking roads. One of them will run between Kaluzhskoye and Varshavskoye highways by 2024. The new road will directly connect Troitsk, Shcherbinka, Ostafyevo and Pervomaiskoye  to shorten the way and save time for drivers, and to reduce traffic on the outbound routes and the Moscow Ring Road. The road's capacity will make up 1,300 cars per hour.

On 4 September, section from Kaluzhskoye Highway to Yakovlevo village was opened. The 5 km long track has 2х2 lanes heading in each direction, additional lanes to make turns and draw-ins for public transport stops.

There is tactile paving for people with limited mobility at the pedestrian crossings and stops. Besides, settlements have now sound barriers and dust control screens.