How to pay fare in the metro, get to VDNKh and extend visa: these and other questions asked to Tourist Call Centre agents

How to pay fare in the metro, get to VDNKh and extend visa: these and other questions asked to Tourist Call Centre agents
Since its launch on 1 August, the Tourist Call Centre, available 24/7 and speaking Russian and English, has had over 4,800 calls from foreign and Russian visitors.

What are the most frequent questions Russian and foreign tourists ask the 24/7 Call Centre launched on 1 August?

Short number 122 is available from mobile phones of all Russian and foreign mobile operators in Moscow and the Moscow region. Call the ten-digit landline number +7 (495) 122-01-11 from mobile and landline phone numbers from Russia and abroad. You pay for calls to both numbers at your operator's rates. The Call Centre agents are available 24/7 and speak two languages, Russian and English.

"Navigation around Moscow, information about museums and city events, as well as issues of migration policy and public transport are among the most popular enquiries," the Press Service of the Moscow City Tourism Committee said.

According to the Committee, Russian tourists mostly called the Moscow Information Support Centre to get information about events and festivals held at VDNKh or the cost of tickets and tours to the Ostankino Tower and Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve. Also, they often ask about Zaryadye Park, the opening hours of the cable way on Vorobyovy Gory and GUM (State Department Store).

Foreign tourists inquired about the opening hours of Red Square and the Kremlin, routes and duration of riverboat walks, how to pay fare in the metro and surface public transport.

"Our Call Centre got some unusual calls from curious travellers, too. One tourist called just to talk about Moscow. And another one called to find out the weather in the Russian capital for her daughter to know what to wear while visiting Moscow next weekend," the Press Service added.

In August,  more than 4,800 people have called the short number 122 and the landline ten-digit number +7 (495) 122-01-11. Approximately the same number of calls was answered during the month of the FIFA World Cup held in Moscow. It was the first time the system of telephone tourist information was introduced in Moscow to receive over 5,000 calls. The hotline was opened by the Moscow City Tourism Committee in collaboration with the Moscow Department of Information Technology.  

Photo by: Maxim Denisov

The city Call Centre has been operating in Moscow since 2011.  It receives over 2.5 million calls per month. About 90 percent of calls are received by hotlines popular with Muscovites:   Moscow unified information service (+7 (495) 777-77-77); unified control centre (+7 (495) 539-53-53); unified service to get an appointment with a doctor (+7 (495) 539-30-00); Moscow Transport Call Centre (+7 (495) 539-54-54 from landline phones and 3210 from the Big 4 (MTS, Beeline, Tele2, MegaFon) mobile operators; technical support of the public services portal (+7 (495) 539-55-55) and the water consumption meter hotline (+7 (495) 539-25-25).