From the best chef to the best tram driver: where to watch the Moscow Masters winners working

From the best chef to the best tram driver: where to watch the Moscow Masters winners working
The City Day celebrations traditionally begin with the Moscow Masters awarding ceremony. will tell you where to try dishes by the best chef of Moscow, where to find the best tram driver, and who was rescued by the best rescuer in Moscow.

The best chef cooks at Taganka

Dmitry Tabakov became a professional cook at the age of 15, when he had his first internship as a college student and was offered a permanent job at an Italian restaurant in Kitai-Gorod. He became a chef at 27.

Now he is 35 years old, and he is the brand chef at an art cafe on Taganka, the winner and prize-winner of many Russian and international competitions, a famous chef and a participant of cooking shows. However, his winning the Moscow Masters 2019 was not that easy.

"The task was quite challenging: you had to cook six servings of snacks, entrees and desserts in two hours – 18 servings in total," said Dmitry Tabakov. "As a comparison, you usually make three meals (one serving each) at international competitions in one hour. Well, I had to run. The terms required that the entree be made of cereals and vegetables. I used two cereals – red and white quinoa and buckwheat (the latter as a mousse and popcorn). And I chose seasonal garden vegetables for dishes – asparagus, radish, ramsons, zucchini. As for the dessert, I used strawberries to make different variations, from strawberry tartar to strawberry ice cream".

Dmitry did not know his dishes were the best until the awarding ceremony on the stage.

"Of course, I'm happy, this victory means really much to me," says Dmitry. "It was nice to win in my hometown. 2019 was successful for me in general, I brought the Emirates Salon Culinaire Gold Cup 2019 in February and won the international competition in the Philippines. And my main victory was also in 2019 – we had a son. I will be happy to see my children following in my steps. My 12-year-old daughter is already asking for a "high hat like daddy has," smiles the winner.

Dmitry is sure spending time with your family and sharing a delicious meal is happiness. We just need to remember to have time for this.

"Over the past five years, Moscow's restaurant industry has undergone revolutionary changes, especially in the food market," he said. "Products have higher quality now. I'd like to wish Moscow residents to have more rest, eat out and spend time with their families."

The best tram driver drives tram No. 30 running from Voikovskaya to Strogino

Anna Mosolova has been working as a tram driver for five years and does not consider her profession to be a man's business.

"There are tram tracks near my house with tram No. 6 running there," said Anna. "I often saw female tram drivers; they were always beautiful, well-groomed, calm. So, I wanted to try this profession and become someone like they are."

Anna likes everything in her work: a comfortable schedule, changing landscapes behind the glass ("always a new picture: people, cars, everything is moving"), communication. The most difficult thing she thinks of is responsibility: "I worry that people don't care enough about their safety: some passengers do not hold on to the handrails, and pedestrians do not look across the road in their headphones and hoods or cross the tram tracks, thinking that the driver will have time to slow down."

Anna Mosolova regards her victory in the Moscow Masters competition as a great success.

I was all of a tremble before the theoretical exam and couldn't get my fingers on the keyboard," Anna laughed. "But then I said to myself, "Well, I'm not losing a cow! And I began to see everything as a game, a contest. I saved this mood for practical tasks. We competed on our UVZ-PESA trams – they are light-weight, obedient, running smooth and easy to drive. To be honest, I didn't expect to win, but I wasn't going to perform the worst. When I was told I could win ahead of the men, I just laughed: come on! Victory was a real surprise for me."

The most pleasant thing was after the competition: the favourite train driver was congratulated after a note in the district newspaper.

"That was really something! Someone rang the doorbell, someone came with congratulations at the store," says the woman. "They say that metropolis residents don't care about life of their neighbours. It's not true! People stay people. And human relations stay both in the city and a small village. For example, my passengers travel along the route for years, many people say hello to me: "Good morning! How are you? It's been a long time since I've seen you!" Some people come into the wagon with the words: "We've been waiting for you!" They know about my family, I know about their families. When I get to the tram stop, I know that my passenger should be standing here at this time, because he is going to work. If he is not here, I am worried that he may be late. And then I see he is running – have probably overslept. He would jump into the tram: "Good morning!" So, it's OK, let’s go further."

The best librarian invites you to Nekrasov library

Nikita Golovanov is 33 years old and he is the head of two departments in the Nekrasov Central Universal Scientific Library: promotion of reading and funds and department of cultural and educational projects and programs. He has won the Moscow Masters 2019 competition in the Librarian nomination.

It is not an accident: Nekrasovka is popular – schoolchildren and students from the nearby Higher School of Economics come here to study, seniors from the Moscow Longevity program come here to study the basics of computer skills. It is here that the unique Seasonal Reading project was developed for readers – a program to encourage active readers and their interest in books, which eventually brought victory to Nekrasov library.

"Each participant received a reader's diary where he left a review (or drawing) of each book he reads," said Nikita Golovanov about the project. "Reader received a sticker for every 7 reviews or drawings. If you collect seven stickers, you could choose a book as a gift. Three winners in the "Best Review", "Best Illustration" and "Best Diary" categories won prizes – gift bookstore cards, gift cards for handmade fair of designers and family cards to the Tretyakov Gallery. As a result, people not only recognized the Nekrasov library more often, but began to read more."

Interest in libraries is growing, says Nikita Golovanov.

"In recent years, we have new readers coming to us. Reading rooms have been overcrowded even in the summer," he said. "We have 50-60 events per month: meetings, lectures, workshops and exhibitions. Besides, there is free Wi-Fi here, and the computer is provided for an hour free of charge. There are 440 libraries in Moscow – take a closer look. There are often very interesting events. Not only in central, but in district libraries too. Everyone can find an interesting thing to do near their homes. Libraries don't have entrance fees, as museums or cinemas, but issuing a library card is just a matter of a few minutes."

The best nurse works in Sokolniki, and the best rescuer works on Nakhimovsky Prospekt

Tatiana Panfilova has been working at the Bakhrushin Brothers Hospital in Sokolniki for eight years. She is a nurse anaesthetist with 30 years of experience. She had two reasons to participate in the competition.

"I wanted to show people how we work," says Tatiana Panfilova, "My greatest joy is when a patient wakes up after anaesthesia, opens his eyes and asks: "Have you already done?" It means that all is OK. They get nervous and worried before the operation, so you talk to them quietly, calm them down, being nice. And the second reason was to prove to my son that everyone can change his destiny. At first, he said: "Mom, wise up, what are you doing? Now he is glad for me, of course. I hope I proved it. "

As part of the Moscow Masters competition, nurses competed in the theory and knowledge of medicines, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other medical manipulations and performed creative tasks.

Rescuers helped drowned people, victims of man-made disasters and road traffic victims, showed their mountaineering skills at the training ground in Aparinki.

The 1st class rescuer Alexander Vorozheikin became the winner for the second time (he won for the first time in 2013). He works in the rescue unit No. 8 of the Moscow Fire-Fighting and Rescue Centre on Nakhimovsky Prospekt. He leaves here to help people.

"In 2010, we took out workers from the collector on Michurinsky Prospekt. Four people were poisoned by paint vapours," said Alexander. "And we took out everyone."

As he said, the most frequent calls are social ones: helping the ambulance to transport the seriously ill patients, opening the door. Sometimes there are fires. But there have been fewer calls for road accidents in recent years, fortunately.

"This was an unusual call recently," said Alexander Vorozheikin. "The woman walked a small Jack Russell Terrier dog near one of the institutes. Suddenly, the dog disappeared without a trace. The woman called: "My dog fell under the ground! Help!"

When the rescuers arrived, they saw a hole in the ground with a diameter of 20 centimetres and a depth of about 15 meters. That's where the dog fell. "It was not clear how to get it out," Alexander says, "A special stick for picking dogs up doesn't even half reach the bottom. We made a loop on the rope and picked up the dog by the harness by some miracle. We got it – the dog is barking, the woman is crying: "Thank you!"

Most of all, Alexander wants the rescuers to have no work: "It means that others are doing well!"