Ecosystems, forests and leopards: the Golden Turtle Festival to take place at VDNKh

Ecosystems, forests and leopards: the Golden Turtle Festival to take place at VDNKh
Visitors will enjoy exhibitions, lectures and master classes by photographers and ecologists.

From 6 September to 2 October, the 13th Golden Turtle International Wildlife Festival will take place in Pavilion No. 57 “Russia Is My History” at VDNKh, with the exhibition around 200 wildlife photographs by the finalists and prize winners of the same-name international contest as its highlight.

Guests will be able to visit lectures by ecology, photography and healthy lifestyle experts, enjoy multimedia performances, master classes by professional photographers and ecologists, listen to popular travellers and watch films.

On 11 September, the Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection will present the White Book, a new project for visually impaired people. Lectures and environmental master classes will be held on 14 September, from 12:00 to 16:00.

Valentin Volkov, a Mospriroda expert, will talk about protected natural areas of Moscow. Anatoly Pershilov, an ecologist and a teacher, will speak about forests as an ecosystem, how its inhabitants live and interact with each other, and what happens when ecosystem components disappear. He will showcase his lecture with cartoon infographics.

Alexandra Malysheva, a Mospriroda expert from Kuskovo Environmental School, together with her colleagues will hold master classes on postcard painting and environmental education poster development.

On 15 September, the festival's organizers will hold the Far Eastern Leopard Day. Visitors will be shown the film 'Leo80. The Story of One Leopard', followed by a talk with scientists studying this rare animal.

The Nature Photography Day will take place on 7 September, followed by the Arctic and Antarctica Day on 28 September, and the Russian Geographical Society Day on 1 October.

See the detailed program on the website (in Russian).