Nature, architecture, volunteering: parks invite citizens to autumn photo exhibitions

Nature, architecture, volunteering: parks invite citizens to autumn photo exhibitions
Photo by Evgeny Samarin
Visitors to the parks will see celebrities as literary characters, Russian landscapes, architectural monuments and much more.

Open photo exhibitions are regularly held in 15 parks of the Department of Culture. Mosgorpark tells about the projects to take place in Moscow's green areas this autumn.

About books and happiness

The biggest photo event is going to be the project 'Picture Books' aimed at promoting reading among young people. During the exhibition, famous actors, musicians, TV presenters and bloggers will appear as literary characters. Musician Alexander Sklyar, blogger Natalya Osmann, TV presenters Tatyana Gerasimova, Sergey Belov, Yelena Nikolayeva, sportscaster Pavel Zanozin and others took part in photo shoots. The project is focused on Russian classic literature set in Moscow, such as 'Anna Karenina', 'War and Peace', 'Heart of a Dog', 'Poor Liza'. The exhibition will be open from 1 to 15 September opposite the fountain in Tagansky Park, 16 to 30 September at the central glade of the Vorontsovo Estate, and 1 to 15 October in the Book's Place space of Museon Park.

From 1 to 10 September, 'Simple Happiness' exhibition by Soulful Moscow will run in the alley near the Mother and Child monument in Sokolniki Park. The pictures feature active Muscovites, participating in charity events and volunteering. Further, from 14 September to 14 October, the area will host 'Children: Before and After' exhibition displaying photos of orphans made before and after they were adopted. A similar display will take place in Tagansky Park from 1 to 30 November.

About history of Moscow and nature of Russia

Apart from 'Picture Books', there are two more exhibitions expected to take place at the central glade of Vorontsovsky Park: 'Natural Heritage of Moscow' and 'History of the Vorontsovo Estate'. The former (1 to 31 October) will focus on forests with motley meadows, rivers and swamps that have been preserved in Moscow. 'History of the Vorontsovo Estate' (1 to 23 November) will tell about how the estate was built and whom it belonged to in different historical periods.

Zaryadye Park will host two themed exhibitions this autumn. From 13 to 23 September, the Russian Geographical Society will present the works by 'The Most Beautiful Country' winners in the media centre's exhibition hall. Visitors will see rare animals, explore mysterious caves and sea depths. In the information pavilion, 'Our City Through the Eyes of People with Down Syndrome' will be running throughout October, featuring photos by beneficiaries of the Down syndrome charity foundation.

'Objective Charity', an annual photo exhibition, will run in Tagansky Park from 16 September to 30 October to raise public awareness of non-profit organizations and volunteering.

Photo by: Yuliya Ivanko

On the City Day, the project 'Russian Pavilions at the World Expositions' will launch next to the round dance floor of Babushkinsky Park to run until 30 September. Visitors will see how Russia and the Soviet Union were represented at international trade shows held since 1851 in different countries, including photos of the Russian suburbs pavilion at the 1900 Paris Exposition, 'Worker and Collective Farm Woman' of 1937 (1937 Paris Exposition), the pavilion at the Expo 2010 Shanghai and much more.

Autumn exhibitions in Krasnaya Presnya Park will tell about nature, life and traditions of the Russian regions. From 5 to 17 September, the park will host the Omsk Region exhibition intended to show the beauty of Siberian steppes, wooden architecture monuments and episodes from the life of Omsk. Further, 17 to 30 September, 'Republic of Bashkortostan' exhibition to be located in the alley at the World Trade Centre will tell about Bashkirian traditions, peculiar architecture features and climate.

On the City Day, 7 September, the exhibition #РоссияБольшеЧемТыДумаешь will open in Angarskiye Ponds Park, featuring twenty copyright photos of picturesque natural corners of Russia. Each photo will have a QR code to read more about the photo. You will find the exhibition near the Bolshoy Angarsky Pond until 30 September.

The central square of Northern Tushino Park will host 'Nature Next to Us' exhibition to run from 9 September to 31 October, dedicated to local flora and fauna, insects and plants, birds and mammals.

On 1 September, a new project 'Soviet Partisans in Italy' was launched in Fili Park, with 10 stands about the contribution of Soviet soldiers to the victory over fascism installed along the central alley. You will find out the names of the heroes missing in history books. The exhibition will be open until 31 October.

Photo by: Yuliya Ivanko

On 16 September, 'Daddy’s Job 2.0. Green Version' exhibition with 20 photo stories about environmental education will open in Kashtanovaya Alley of Izmailovsky Park to run until the end of October.

In Goncharovsky Park, the exhibition 'The World of Ancient Interiors' will be arranged for the City Day. Come to the pond starting 7 September to see what the interiors of princely residences, noble estates and urban mansions of the 19th – 20th centuries used to look like. On 30 September, the exhibition will move to the pond in Lianozovsky Park.

1 to 30 September, 'Exhibition About Moscow' organized by the Russian Geographical Society will run at the central squares of Sadovniki and Kuzminki parks to tell about Moscow and its history.

Schedule of park exhibitions this autumn:

- 1–10 September, Sokolniki Park - Simple Happiness;

- 1–15 September, Tagansky Park - Picture Books;

- 1-30 September, Sadovniki and Kuzminki parks - Exhibition About Moscow;

- 1 September - 31 October, Fili Park - Soviet Partisans in Italy;

- 5–17 September, Krasnaya Presnya Park - Omsk Region;

- 7–10 September, Angarskiye Ponds Park - #РоссияБольшеЧемТыДумаешь;

- 7–30 September, Goncharovsky Park - The World of Ancient Interiors;

- 7–30 September, Babushkinsky Park - Russian Pavilions at the World Expositions;

- 9 September - 31 October, Northern Tushino park - Nature Next to Us;

- 13–23 September, Zaryadye Park - The Most Beautiful Country;

- 14 September - 14 October, Sokolniki Park - Children Before and After;

- September 16–30, the Vorontsovo Estate - Picture Books;

- 16 September - 31 October, Izmailovsky Park – Daddy's Job 2.0. Green Version;

- 16 September - 31 October, Tagansky Park - Objective Charity;

- 17-30 September, Krasnaya Presnya Park - Republic of Bashkortostan;

- 1–31 October, Vorontsovo Estate - Natural Heritage of Moscow;

- 1–31 October, Lianozovsky Park - The World of Ancient Interiors;

- 1–31 October, Zaryadye Park - Our City Through the Eyes of People with Down Syndrome;

- 1–23 November, Vorontsovo Estate - History of Vorontsovo Estate;

- 1-30 November, Tagansky Park - The Arithmetic of Good