Thousands of sparkling fires: where to watch fireworks on the City Day

Thousands of sparkling fires: where to watch fireworks on the City Day
Photo by: Maxim Denisov
5-minute light shows will be launched from 33 shooting spots around the city.

Festive fireworks will flash out over Moscow honouring its 872nd anniversary, with golden, silver, red, blue, green, and purple fires lighting the night sky. There will be more than 70,000 firework shots around the city. Bright performances will start on 7 September, Saturday, at 21:00. They will be seen from virtually anywhere in the city.

This year, fireworks will be launched at 33 sites in all Moscow districts. Most of them are in the city parks. For instance, the fireworks show will be staged in the Hermitage Garden, in Kuzminki, Khodynskoe Pole, Sokolniki,  Vorontsovsky and Tagansky Parks.

There will also be fireworks shooting spots along the Moskva River embankment. You will have a chance to see fire ‘palm-trees’ flash out in the sky and then reflect in the water surface in the Gorky park, in Zaryadye, near the Grand Sports Arena in Luzhniki. The length of the fireworks will make not less than 5 minutes.

City Day fireworks shooting spots:

— Kuzminki Park (two sites near the Industrial Museum);

— Altufyevo Estate (a site near the Altufyevo Pond);

— Sokolniki Park (‘Hyde Park’);

— Hermitage Garden;

— Sadovniki Park (Fontannaya Square);

— Vorontsovsky Park (central glade);

— recreation zone Krasnogvardeyskiye Ponds (Nizhny Krasnogvardeisky Pond);

— Tagansky Park (next to the workout zone);

— Lilac Garden (8–12 Shchyolkovskoye Shosse);

— Bauman Garden (tennis court);

— Izmailovsky Park (the isle in the centre of Round Pond);

— Babushkinsky Park (glade next to the rental point);

— Lianozovsky Park (northern entrance);

— 50-Letiya Oktyabrya Park (Family Square);

Gorky Park (Pushkin Embankment);

— Perovsky Park (next to Kupavensky Pond);

— Northern Tushino Park (riverbank at the chapel);

— Goncharovsky Park (site behind the main stage);

— Angarskiye Ponds Park (near Maly Angarsky Pond);

— Moskva River, opposite Luzhniki;

— Moskva River, near Zaryadye Park;

— Pobedy Park on Poklonnaya Gora (Partisan Alley);

— Novo-Peredelkino (18 Fedosyino St., pond waterside);

— Moskva River area, opposite 31 Guryanov St.;

— Khodynskoe Pole Park (1 Khodynsky blvd.);

Izmailovo Estate (Bauman Village);

— VDNKh (Michurinsky Garden);

— Mitino Landscape Park (5 Roslovka St.);

— Severnoye Butovo (corner of Akademika Glushko St. and Dmitry Donskoy blvd.);

— Moskovsky, near the sports centre Moskovsky (projected drive No. 5562);

— Troitsk (Fizicheskaya St., near fire station No. 42);

— Zelenograd (4/2 Ozernaya Alley).

The City Day events will take place on hundreds of venues in all districts of the city, with performances, ballets, concerts, and master classes to be held.

The festival will be opened on 7 September at VDNKh. The central venue will be Tverskaya Street, traditionally pedestrianised on this day. The City Day will be centred around the 80th VDNKh anniversary. There will be four VDNKh-themed sites e arranged in Tverskaya Street covering 40,000 sq m.

World highline record and SUP Regatta: Moscow to celebrate its 872nd birthday

There will be 8 sports sites arranged during the festivities in Tverskaya Street — a 35m swimming pool for SUP surfing, an 8m climbing wall, a parkour site, a skate park, a BMX and kickbike zone, a zip-line and highline routes, a freestyle slalom (figure roller-skating) rollerdrome. The sporting shows and classes will be running from morning till late at night.

City Day visitors can also enjoy 30 free tours of Moscow, with some of them about VDNKh's history. From 15 August 15 to 6 September, the citizens will have a chance to have a guided tour of VDNKh, Moscow parks, old palaces and estates, and historical streets of Moscow.