To do parkour and ride a hoverboard: how to spend the City Day at VDNKh

To do parkour and ride a hoverboard: how to spend the City Day at VDNKh
The theme of the festive programme, which includes festivals, concerts, master classes, and performances, at Russia's major exhibition is 'VDNKh: Past, Present, Future'.

7 and 8 September, VDNKh will celebrate the City Day with a lot of events prepared for visitors of all ages: master classes, quizzes, concerts, performances, and a food festival.

The theme of the festive programme is 'VDNKh: Past, Present, Future'. The square in front of VDNKh’s central entrance arch and the Central Alley will host art objects and face-in-hole boards with popular toys of different times. The Central Alley will have a stage with an interactive screen.

Lighting show, the largest scale dancing class and gala concert

7 September at 11:00 am, the Moscow Mock-Up pavilion will host the musical lighting show 'The Best City on Earth'. At 03:00 pm, the Astana Opera will perform on the venue in front of Pavilion No. 11.

At 06:20 pm, Industrial Square is to be a venue to set a world record of the biggest dance class. For half an hour, visitors will learn movements guided by Vitaly Surma, European Ballroom Dance Vice-Champion. And at 07:00 pm, the stage between Pavilion No. 1 Central and the Friendship of Peoples fountain will host a gala concert to open the Day of Kazakhstan.

Besides, Industrial Square will host the final gala concert of the Rhythm of My City festival. The programme includes performances by the competition finalists and the awarding ceremony.

7 September at 02:00 pm and on 8 September at 12:00 pm, the green theatre will host gala concerts of the brass band festival.

The first day of the festivities will end with fireworks at 09:00 pm. Fabulous fireworks to celebrate the City Day and VDNKh’s anniversary will light up the night sky with bright colours.

Illusionists' lesson, gastronomic festival and big chess

7 and 8 September, sports and entertainment venues will be launched at VDNKh: 7 September from 01:00 pm and 8 September 12:00 pm till 09:00 pm.

The southern loop will have the Healthy Future themed venue dedicated to sports achievements and a healthy lifestyle. Guests will be able to try their hand at the modern sport “parkour” and take part in competitions under the guidance of experienced instructors and judges.

At the chess club, you can play board games. Take part in big chess and 'I Know Russia' map puzzle championships.

Theatre-themed performances and creative master classes will run at the VDNKh House of Culture. At the summer cinema-lecture hall, children will discover the world of circus. They will learn juggling and balancing and get acquainted with the art of illusion. After the master classes, children will have the opportunity to perform together with the guests.

The venue near the pond opposite Pavilion No. 44 Rabbit Breeding will host art workshops IMAGing the Future. Try and draw a future VDNKh in the open-air. The venue will host classes by honoured art masters and art school students.

You can listen to children's poets and storytellers reading out their works on the venue next to Pavilion No. 35 Glavtabak and the Golden Spike fountain. The exhibition 'Bicycles. From the Past to the Future' will be running between Pavilion No. 51 and Building 518. Visitors will be introduced to the history of the bicycle and learn to ride a hoverboard and a unicycle.

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The venue near the dry fountain in front of Pavilion No. 23 Moskvarium will host the Kinder-Fest. The children will be offered an interactive programme to develop their creative, intellectual and cognitive skills.

At the flower stall venue (next to the Friendship of Peoples fountain), you will meet the residents of the “city of the future” and take pictures with them. Ostankino Park will host dancing and literary and musical events.

Oktyabrskaya Square and Pavilion No. 75 will host the 32nd Moscow International Book Fair from 4 to 8 September, and the 46th International Exhibition Hunting and Fishing in Russia from 5 to 8 September.

The Fashion Parade Moscow will take place on the stage between Pavilion No. 1 and the Friendship of Peoples fountain on 8 September 07:00 pm till10:00 pm.