Transfer from metro to Moscow Central Diameters to be free of charge

Transfer from metro to Moscow Central Diameters to be free of charge
Photo by: Maxim Denisov
Passengers from the Moscow region residing within MCD boundaries are to save up to 75% on daily fare.

The first two Moscow Central Diameters (MDC) will have three tariff zones. This resolution was adopted at a meeting of the Moscow Government Presidium.

Thanks to the new fare rate system,  passengers can save up to 50% every day during trips around Moscow. Passengers from the Moscow region who reside within the boundaries of the MCD will save up to 75%.

Fare rates have been developed jointly with the Government of the Moscow region, Russian Railways JSC and suburban passenger companies.

Tariff zones

Fare within the boundaries of the Central tariff zone is to be the same as the cost of travel on other types of Moscow public transport. In 2019, the price of one trip at the Wallet tariff of Troika travelcard was RUB 38.00.

MCD's Central tariff zone will be included in Moscow unified tariff zone, by analogy with the Moscow Central Circle (MCC), and therefore transfer between MCC, MCD, and metro will be free of charge.

On MCD-1 Odintsovo — Lobnya Central tariff zone will operate within boundaries of the railway stations Mark — Setun, and on MCD-2 Nakhabino — Podolsk, it will be valid for Volokolamskaya and Ostafyevo stations.

Prigorod (Suburban) tariff zone starts beyond the stations Mark, Setun, Volokolamskaya, Ostafyevo and ends at terminal MCD stations Odintsovo, Lobnya, Nakhabino and Podolsk. In this zone, a one-time trip at the Wallet rate of Troika travelcard will cost RUB 45.00 in 2019. Here you can make a free transfer to the MCC, metro and MCD.

Dalnyaya (Far) tariff zone operates now beyond the MCD boundaries. If you travel from stations outside the MCD, the cost of your trip is to include two components: the cost of a valid commuter train ticket (RUB 23.00 for each zone to the MCD boundaries) and RUB 45.00 more. As soon as passengers enter the MCC boundaries, they have a right to a free transfer to the MCC, metro and MCD.

Free transfer

From  MCD, you can transfer free to the metro or MCC and back when paying with Troika travelcard within 90 minutes from the moment of ticket's validation. When you exit the MCD station, you will also need to tap your Troika card on the turnstile validator. You have to validate your ticket at the entrance and exit to transfer for free. If a passenger uses valid tickets for commuter trains, there will be no free transfer to the metro and MCC.

You will be able to transfer using Strelka card only after the experts update turnstiles software and the card itself.

Types of tickets

To pay for travel in the Central tariff zone, MCD passengers can use all tickets of the Moscow metro available on the Troika travelcard. In 2019, you can buy tickets for 60 trips, one day, three days, 90 days and 365 days.

The MCD will not accept Unified paper tickets due to the technical features of the chip used in paper media.

Other tickets will be valid for travelling in Prigorod and Dalnyaya zones. Today, the types and cost of these tickets are being agreed with the Government of the Moscow region.

Turnstiles at MCD stations are to have contactless fare payment terminals. Passengers can pay fare with cards supporting PayPass and PayWave, as well as smatrphones with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Fare within Central tariff zone will be RUB 42.00, if you use contactless and non-cash payment. Fare in the other two zones has not yet been fixed. In this case, the transfer from the MCD to the MCC or metro when making contactless payment will also be free.

Transfer to surface transport

If you pay with Troika travelcard, the cost of transfer from MCD to a bus, trolleybus, tram or e-bus will be RUB 21.00 for Central zone and RUB 38.00 for Prigorod and Dalnyaya zones.


All beneficiaries who enjoy the right to travel free on the metro and commuter trains, will also be able to travel for free on MCD trains. In addition, children under 7 will travel by railway transport free of charge soon. Now, commuter trains offer free travel for children under 5, while the metro offers free travel for kids under 7.

The list of preferential categories of citizens who will not pay for travel within the boundaries of Prigorod and Dalnyaya zones will be determined by the regulation of the Moscow region’s Government.

Students and schoolchildren will also have benefits. In Central zone, they will be able to travel using permanent ticket on their student social cards. It will cost RUB 395 per month and RUB 1,185 for three months. In Prigorod and Dalnyaya zones, the cost of preferential permanent tickets has not yet been fixed.

Luggage transport

Today, the tariff for transportation of oversized luggage in suburban trains is RUB 60.00 or 120.00, depending on the distance of the trip. After the MCD launch, the luggage transport is to cost RUB 60.00 throughout the line. Transportation of bicycles and animals in all MCD tariff zones will be free.

Free transfer from MCD to the metro and back does not apply to luggage. If you transfer, you need to buy a separate ticket.

Payment control

MCD trains will have ticket inspectors. Passengers without tickets will be able to purchase a ticket directly on the train, but in this case you have to pay a fee for ticket registration's service.