MCD launch: validators to be installed on platforms without turnstiles

MCD launch: validators to be installed on platforms without turnstiles
Photo by Maxim Denisov
The devices are to be mounted on those platforms, which had no validators or turnstiles before, so that passengers could pay the fare by Troika travelcard, bank card or smartphone with contactless payment.

Over 200 validators are to open at the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) at the railway platforms of Rizhskoye, Belorusskoye, Savelovskoye and Kurskoye lines. The devices will appear at the stations without turnstiles.

To date, you need to buy a paper ticket at the box-office confirming that you have entered the stations without turnstiles. With the new type of public transport, passengers can pay the fare using Troika travelcard, bank cards or smartphones with contactless payment.

"Fare payment will be easier, faster and more convenient now. You no longer need to buy a ticket at the box-office, just tap your Troika travelcard on the terminal at the entrance to and exit from MCD stations. It is also required to get a free transfer to the metro and the MCC," Head of MCD Directorate of the Department of Transport Andrei Akimov explained.

100 of them will be installed at MCD-1 and MCD-2 stations. So, the terminals will appear on the platforms of MCD-1 Sheremetyevo, Degunino and Vodniki, and the MCD-2 Shcherbinka, Grazhdanskaya and Trikotazhnaya.

In addition, terminals will be installed at non-MCD stations of Belorusskoye, Savelovskoye, Kurskoye and Rizhskoye lines. Each MCD station is to have several validators based on the passenger traffic flow.

MCD fares have been recently approved. Moscow Central Diameters will have three tariff zones. The price of one trip at the Wallet tariff of Troika travelcard will be RUB 38.00 in the Central zone (the same as the metro). If you travel in Dalnyaya tariff zone, the cost of your trip is to have two components:  a valid commuter train ticket (RUB 23.00 for each zone within the MCD boundaries) plus RUB 45.00.

Besides, if passengers of all zones pay fare by Troika travelcard, they enjoy free transfer to the metro and MCC. There are also regular tickets available for commuter trains, but they don't provide free transfer to the metro and MCC.

Turnstiles at MCD stations are to be equipped with contactless terminals. Passengers can pay the fare by PayPass/PayWave cards and smartphones with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Contactless and cashless payment within Central zone will make up RUB 42.00.

Trains are expected to launch on MCD-1 and MCD-2 by the end of the year. Soon, other diameters are expected to open, with routes to link Zelenograd and Ramenskoye, Aprelevka and Zheleznodorozhny, Domodedovo and Pushkino.

Moscow Central Diameters are to link different Moscow railway lines. With the new above-ground metro, passengers will be able to cross Moscow in 40 minutes.

MCD-1 and MCD-2 will have 66 stations, with 27 of them providing transfer to the metro, MCC and radial directions of the railway.  Like the metro, the diameters will operate from 05:30 am till 01:00 am.

Ivolga trains are to run along MCD-1 and MCD-2. They will have a comfortable microclimate and an air-disinfection system.  The carriages are also supplied with bike racks, Wi-Fi hotspots and USB sockets to charge mobile devices.