Jump like a ninja: Gorky Park will host Ninja OCR World Championship

Jump like a ninja: Gorky Park will host Ninja OCR World Championship
Photo by: mos.ru. Maxim Denisov
Participants will compete in a 160 m OCR.

Gorky Park will host the first Ninja OCR World Championship from 30 August to 1 September.

A 160 m course with 12 different obstacles is called the Arena of Heroes. Athletes from 20 countries will have to overcome suspended monkey bars, rope jumping over the pool, floating steps and other obstacles.

There are two parallel courses with the same obstacles specially equipped on platforms for participants to start in pairs. During the race, athletes will move from platform to platform to finally arrive to a 4m high warped wall with only two attempts to climb it.

“We are very proud that it is the Arena of Heroes that is to host the first Ninja OCR World Championship. We have done a great job to have our project accredited for such a big event by the international federation. In particular, when we launched the project in Gorky Park this May, Ian Adamson, President, World OCR, visited it and was impressed by how well it was organised,” said Denis Annikov, Arena of Heroes Project Manager.

To take part in the OCR, you must have a medical certificate of admission to cyclic sports competitions.

Fee – from RUB 1,000. Read more here.

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