Street dancing, rock opera and magic TV: the way VDNKh will meet autumn

Street dancing, rock opera and magic TV: the way VDNKh will meet autumn
Photo by Maxim Denisov
With Rhythm of My City festival still running, VDNKh will also host events dedicated to the outgoing summer and the new school year.

On the last summer weekend, VDNKh will continue its 80th anniversary festivities, with dances, workshops, theatre performances and a lot of good music.

Saturday: City of Education, youth festival and rock opera

Street Dance Week will continue on the Central Alley within the framework of Rhythm of My City festival. From 12:00 pm, the interactive zone will host street dance master classes in hip hop, breaking, popping, house dance. In the afternoon, DJs will perform on the main stage, and special guests Mrid and Idris & Leos will present their set at 05:15 pm.

Photo by: Maxim Denisov

On the new school year's eve, the City of Education Forum running in pavilion No. 75 from 29 August to 1 September will tell about the possibilities of Moscow education. Visit sports master classes and trainings in Severny Park, and chess tournaments in the chess club. From 11:00 am till 03:00 pm, the summer cinema-lecture hall will host an interactive program.

The Rukami Idea and Technology festival will start at 11:00 am on Promyshlennosti Square.

Guests will be able to create incredible devices, assisted by makers, attend a variety of master classes, view technological performances and art installations, and, most importantly, discover the world of technical creativity.

The Crafts Park launches the Seasons weekend with crafts master classes for children and adults from 12:00 pm. You can also spend your evening listening to music at Bismarck Malade open-air concert starting at 07:00 pm.

At 12:00 pm, young guests are welcome in the lecture hall of the Worker and the Collective Farm Woman Pavilion to watch the musical solo performance 'Tales of the Children's World' based on the stories by Sergei Sedov. At 03:00 pm, art critic Valentina Gorlova will tell about the history of the painting ‘Ceremonial Meeting of the State Council on 7 May 1901’, as well as about the last phase of Ilya Repin’s art. At 07:00 pm, guests will hear the poems and prose of Marina Tsvetaeva.

The Cinema Museum (Pavilion No. 36) will host a lecture 'Film as Memory: the Personal and the Social in the Cinema Language' at 03:00 pm, followed by a film walk dedicated to VDNKh’s anniversary from 05:00 pm till 08:00 pm.

At 07:00 pm, the Books Pavilion will show an Anne Makepeace's documentary 'Robert Capa: In Love and War' about the famous war photographer.

During PROleto Youth Festival, artists chosen by the Active Citizen users will perform at the central entrance.

The rock opera 'Juno and Avos' will be a bright final of the last day of summer. Plunge into the world of music and lofty sentiments in the green theatre at 08:00 pm.

Photo by VDNKh

Sunday: charity run, DJ sets and cadet parade

On the Knowledge Day, within the City of Education Forum, the cadet parade will start at 10:00 am at the central entrance, to be followed by a celebratory new school year assembly. Meanwhile, Yuzhny Park will host the charity event 'Run for the Good'. The chess club will arrange chess tournaments from 10:00 am till 06:00 pm.

At 11:30 am, children over four and their parents are invited to the lecture hall of the Worker and the Collective Farm Woman Pavilion to watch the performance 'Happy Octopus' and discover the underwater world using a device called the Wolfsovisor.

At 12:00 pm, DJs will perform on the main stage of Rhythm of My City festival. At 03:00 pm, guests will see a world-class DMC Battle. The climax will be the premiere of the production 'Electric Dreams' by Alexey Chernov and a kAchevniki set!

In addition, the Rukami festival will continue from 11:00 am on Promushlennaya Square, and the Seasons weekend - from 12:00 pm in the Crafts Park with crafts master classes and a concert to be opened by O’Casey band at 07:00 pm.

At 07:00 pm, philologist Yegor Sartakov will give a lecture 'The battle of Punctuation Marks. Dash Vs. Hyphen and Colon' at Slovo Slavic Writing Centre.

The weekend will conclude with a concert by Jukebox Trio, employing mixed beatbox and a cappella techniques, starting at 07:30 pm on the roof of the Worker and the Collective Farm Woman Pavilion.

The playlist will have songs composed and performed by its authors and relevant a capella cover versions based on the Instagram voting results.

Photo by: Yuliya Ivanko