Roller coaster and French garden: Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve to host a historic garden festival

Roller coaster and French garden: Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve to host a historic garden festival
Famous landscape architects and designers are to present their projects featuring styles and ideas of different historical eras — from Ancient Rome and medieval France to the modern time and the experiments of our century.

29 August to 8 September, Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve will host the 2nd historic garden festival. Guests will have an opportunity to view 25 mini gardens of different eras at the same time.

Roller coaster and French garden

This year's festival's theme is 'Gardens Inspired by History'. The competition has gathered famous landscape architects and designers. On small plots of land, they will implement their projects reflecting styles and ideas of different historical eras, from Ancient Rome and medieval France to the Art Nouveau times and experiments of our century. 

'Roller Coaster' project will feature two amusement rides  — a roller coaster of a modern amusement park and 18th century's sliding hills. There will be live plants around the installation.

The authors of the project 'Notre Dame Rooftop Garden' offer an unusual idea of restoring the famous monument.

Mondrian Garden will become a variety of one of the most famous paintings by the Dutch artist.

The festival will open after the exhibition project 'Gardens of the Silver Age' centred around the history of the Crimean estate Novy Kuchuk-Koi. Kuchuk-Koi garden will be based on the description of the estate flower-bed.

A total of 20 works will be presented at the festival to be evaluated by the jury including a landscape architect Laura Conyam (Paris), Director of Tsarskoye Selo Museum Reserve Olga Taratynova, Keeper of the Russian Museum Gardens Olga Cherdantseva and others. The winners will be awarded on 31 August.

Out of competition

This year, the festival announces a non-competitive programme, which will be attended by five museum reserves: Tsarskoye Selo, Yasnaya Polyana, Gorky Leninskiye, Alupkinsky Palace and Park Museum Reserve and St. Petersburg's Summer Garden.

Yasnaya Polyana will present a flower bed, a copy of the meadow herbs and flowers composition Leo Tolstoy used to admire. After surviving drawings, Summer Garden specialists will recreate a plant maze that existed under Peter I, but was destroyed by the flood of 1777. Tsarskoye Selo gardeners will plant a 10m flower parterre. Gorki Leninskiye personnel will make a mosaic flower-bed, a perfect copy of the one that used to adorn the front entrance to the house of a millionaire Zinaida Morozova in the early 20th century. Alupkinsky Palace and Park Museum Reserve will present a photo exhibition 'Russian Historic Rose Garden' about the rose varieties named after Russian emperors and their descendants.

Music, lectures, theatres

Festival guests will enjoy an insightful program. You can view works participating in the competition and Tsaritsyno park facilities during 'Park Around the Castle' tour. Greenhouses will open 'Landscape Reception Room', where students of Timiryazev Russian Agrarian University will tell how to care for plants in your garden and at home. Floral and environment workshops, games and competitions will be held for children.

Daily, stage and small venues will host performances of bands and street theatres: Agafonnikov-Band, Tais Urumidis, Vremena Goda orchestra, Stronsky band, Scottish pipes and drums band, Sonya Beria and many others.

Also, this year's festival will become a venue for another experiment. On 31 August, the Park will host the Ceramics Day for the first time. Artists will present park ceramics, which will stay in the park to decorate Tsaritsyno. Until the end of the festival, you can see them in the air gardens, later you will find them in locations the authors are to choose. On the same day, the 'Ceramics Picnic' will present the works of artists outside the exhibition space.

Admission is free.

The first historic garden festival took place in 2018, with over 320,000 visitors. In addition, Tsaritsyno annually hosts exhibitions, conferences, concerts and lectures on the history of parks.