Travel time, convenient routes and feedback form: Moscow Metro website launched a MCD section

Travel time, convenient routes and feedback form: Moscow Metro website launched a MCD section
Passengers can calculate travel time and ask questions about the MCD.

The Moscow Metro website has now a special section dedicated to the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) (in Russian). The new public transport is expected to start carrying passengers by the end of this year.

"This service will help future passengers to study MCD routes. We have made the section's design bright and easy to navigate. For example, the website will help to calculate travel time from your home to the theatre, park or office. It also has lists of all transfers from diameters to other transport, MCD opening hours and information about Ivolga trains, which will carry passengers of the first two diameters. You can ask questions using the feedback form," the Press Service of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development said.

There is an electronic map of the metro, Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and diameters available on the website to calculate the most convenient and shortest route.

It will take 17 minutes to get from MCD-1 platform Slavyansky Boulevard to Dynamo metro station. Dynamo has several theatres nearby, including Romen and Figaro, Moscow Puppet Theatre.

Using the new transport, Muscovites will also quickly get to work: for example, it will take 21 minutes to get from MCD-1 Okruzhnaya platform to Testovskaya platform (located next to the Moscow City Business Centre). MCD-2 will be a quick way to get from Tekstilshchiki platform to Tsaritsyno platform (next to Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve), taking only 15 minutes.

You may learn MCD directions on transport maps and metro signs. They will be marked by the letter D with the line number inside a parallelogram (of the route’s colour).

MCD-1 will be marked in physalis yellowish orange, MCD-2 in fuchsia pink, MCD-3 in papaya red, MCD-4 in mint blue, MCD-5 in "green meadow" (grass green).

Click on a MCD parallelogram to know all information about each MCD route, including travel time from the initial to the final stop, the number of stations, transfers to other modes of transport and much more.

For example, you will know that MCD-1 (Odintsovo — Lobnya) travel time along is 80 minutes. This MCD provides transfers to 12 metro stations, two MCD stations and six platforms of the radial railway lines. Each MCD route in the Moscow Metro website's section is marked on the map of Moscow.

Users will find out what museums, parks, schools and universities are located within walking distance from the stations of a particular MCD. For example, MCD-2 passengers will be able to get to Goncharovsky Park, Borodino Battle Panorama Museum, Skolkovo Innovation Centre and Lianozovsky Park.

Besides, there is a special section on the website to ask questions about new public transport. You will find the form at the bottom of the section page. There are also FAQs published, for example: "What will be the MCD fare?", "Will it provide free transfers to the metro?", "May I carry my bicycle on the train free of charge?", "Will the MCD have separate lanes constructed?''

Also, you will find the information about Ivolga innovative trains, which will run along the first two diameters, and the MCD showroom pavilion located on the square near Kievsky Railway Station.

Learn more about MCD in’s special project.  There is an information on how the railway infrastructure has been upgraded to prepare for the launch of the new transport, residents of which districts will soon have more convenient trips using MCD and what are the world analogues of Moscow diameters.

Moscow Central Diameters will connect different directions of the Moscow railway. MCD platforms will provide convenient transfers to the metro and Moscow Central Circle (MCC) stations. With the new surface metro, passengers will be able to cross Moscow in just 40 minutes.

MCD-1 (Odintsovo — Lobnya) and MCD-2 (Nakhabino — Podolsk) are expected to launch by the end of the year. Soon, other diameters are expected to open, with routes to link Zelenograd and Ramenskoye, Aprelevka and Zheleznodorozhny, Domodedovo and Pushkino.

There will be 66 stations on MCD-1 and MCD-2, with 27 of them providing convenient transfers to metro, MCC stations and radial railway lines. The MCDs will run from 05:30 am till 01:00 am, the same as metro.

Ivolga trains are to run along MCD-1 and MCD-2. They will have a comfortable microclimate and an air-disinfection system. There will also be bicycle racks and Wi Fi hotspots.