Marc Chagall Embankment to open on the City Day

Marc Chagall Embankment to open on the City Day
Design solution
About 900 trees to be planted, with jogging and bike lanes arranged.

Construction of Marc Chagall Embankment (part of a residential complex in the former ZIL industrial zone) is in full swing now. The works are expected to complete by the City Day. One of its sections has utility lines and granite already laid, lights mounted, jogging and bike lanes arranged, as reported by Anastasiya Pyatova, Chairman of Moskomstroyinvest.

"Experts have also conducted a successful trial run of lighting systems to make sure it works properly," she added.

The embankment is to cover 18.5 ha. About 900 trees are to be planted along the bank. The embankment and surrounding area improvement project takes into account all the landscape features and a residential complex under construction nearby.

Former industrial zones are one of the key drivers of Moscow's development. They are replaced by residential quarters, educational institutions, there are large-scale improvement works performed, and transport infrastructure established. The reorganisation of the former ZIL industrial zone is the biggest project in this area.