Tverskaya Street decorated for the City Day

Tverskaya Street decorated for the City Day
Four themed venues dedicated to symbols and epochs in the history of VDNKh are to open in Tverskaya and Okhotny Ryad streets —  'Birth of the Legend', 'Revival Programme', 'Meeting Place' and 'New Era'.

During the celebration of the City Day, Tverskaya and adjacent streets, Mokhovaya and Okhotny Ryad, will be pedestrianised. On 7 and 8 September, they will have four themed sites open, each dedicated to the symbols and epochs in the history of VDNKh. Art objects related to the chief exhibition of Russia will be installed here, with an insightful program to be held. Besides, there will be four themed lounge areas arranged in the heart of Moscow.

The 'Birth of the Legend' venue will be located at 8/1 Tverskaya Street. It will have a Spikes lounge zone reminiscent of the Friendship of Peoples and the Golden Spike fountains. Chrysanthemums, pyramidal poplars and cereal plants will grow on the area covering 96 sq m. The venue will also have columns and benches, similar to those mounted at VDNKh in the mid-20th century.

The second site, the 'Revival Programme', will be located at 6/2 Tverskaya Street. It will have a Rose Garden lounge area, a mini replica of VDNKh's rose garden. It is a perfect copy of VDNKh's central zone design. There will be vintage benches installed on the site.

The exhibition has always been taking pride in its rose garden. Both residents of Russia and foreign tourists came to admire the variety of beautiful flowers.

The site will also feature a 5m high date palm, similar to the tree that decorated the grounds near the Georgian SSR Pavilion in the 1950s. You will find it at 6/5 Tverskaya Street. Wild grapes will grow near building 7, as a reminder of the green space of Bashkir ASSR Pavilion, now lost.

The third venue is called 'Meeting Place'. It will have a Stone Flower lounge area located next to 1 Tverskaya Street to become a perfect copy of the carpet flower bed at VDNKh between the Friendship of Peoples and the Stone Flower fountains.

Guests will admire junipers, maples and various flowers.

Next to 2 Okhotny Ryad Street will be a 'New Era' venue with a VDNKh's Central Flower Bed lounge area. It will have a cotoneaster hedge, northern white cedars, cube-shaped linden trees and fragrant flowers — begonia, pelargonium and tagetis.

In the 1950s, the concept of VDNKh's grounds improvement was linear, with strict shpes of cut plants emphasising the concept. The lounge area will have the same style.

Plants will decorate the areas of sports facilities, too. The parkour ground will be surrounded by shiny cotoneaster, spiraea and Diabolo physocarpus. Zipline Park will have begonias, cineraria and spherical white ceders. Birch, cereal plants and flowers will grow near the pump track.
Moscow will celebrate the City Day on 7 and 8 September. The 80th VDNKh's anniversary will be the main theme of festivities in Tverskaya Street.