'Medieval' or love story photo shoot: parks to take beautiful pictures

'Medieval' or love story photo shoot: parks to take beautiful pictures
Photo by mos.ru. Yuliya Ivanko
The River Overlook Footbridge Moscow residents and tourists love so much, a grotto in Neskuchny Garden, a greenhouse in Zaryadye Park and more — read about the most attractive locations for outstanding photo shoots.

Parks are city's decoration, with each green area offering activities to suit every taste — from cycling to reading in summer libraries. And to make beautiful pictures, too. We will talk about attractive (and sometimes not very popular) locations for a photo shoot.

Park Pobedy: Vkhodnaya Square

Over 118,000 Instagram publications are tagged #поклоннаягора. Vkhodnaya Square overlooks the Victory Monument and fountains located along the central Park's alley. At sunset, you are to take especially beautiful photos.

Khodynskoe Pole Park: mirror maze

This objet d'art attracts a lot of visitors. There are several mirror pillars of different heights installed in the heart of the Park. In sunny weather, this structure casts a fancy shadow looking like a maze to offer the most amazing background for your photo shooting.

Neskuchny Garden: walking through count Orlov's grotto

If you walk from Kupalshchitsa (Bathing Women) cascade fountain along Yekaterininsky Pond and turn left into the garden, you will find count Orlov's through a grotto, a popular place among dating couples. The grotto is great for mysterious photo shoots in medieval style.

Gorky Park: observation deck on the main entrance's roof 

Observation deck is 18 m high. It overlooks the parterre part of the Park featuring a musical fountain and mosaic vases. From this site, you can also capture Neskuchny Garden, Vorobyovy Gory's woodland, Shukhovskaya TV Tower, the Church of St. Prince Dimitry, the Presidium of the RAS, St. Andrew's Monastery, the main building of Moscow State University and the tallest building in Europe — the Federation Tower.

Northern Tushino Park: Museum and Memorial Complex of History of the Russian Navy

Its street exhibitions attract visitors throughout the year. Here you can take a picture against a large diesel submarine, Orlyonok (Eaglet) surface-effect ship or Skat (Stingray) landing boat reflected in the waters of Khimki reservoir.

Zaryadye Park: River Overlook Footbridge

River Overlook Footbridge is one of the best viewing sites of Moscow offering panoramic views of the Kremlin, the Moskva River embankments, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the Park itself. Due to the unusual architectural form, the River Overlook Footbridge will look great on your photos.

Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve: a glade next to the Grand Palace

It offers a magnificent view of the estate ensemble and green lawns, which serve as a beautiful decoration. Tsaritsyno also hosts all the major events organised by the Museum Reserve.

Photo by mos.ru. Maxim Denisov

Angarskiye Ponds Park: apple orchard

In the 30s of the 20th century, an experimental apple orchard was laid at the All-Union Institute of Agricultural Engineering. Today it is one of the most famous attractions of Dmitrovsky district. In spring, the apple orchard becomes a wonderful place for photo shooting and filming love stories. Apple flowers look very harmonious in photos. Also, you have non-obvious advantages: there are less visitors here wishing to take beautiful pictures compared with the the most popular Moscow apple garden in Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve.

Bauman Garden: berceau

Berceau is a beautiful arch, entwined with grapevines. In summer, you can hide in its pleasant shade, taking pictures of beautiful shadowplay. In autumn, it will delight you with crimson shades of climbing plants’ leaves. Unusual lighting will allow to take amazing pictures in the evening.

Photo by: mos.ru. Evgeny Samarin

Lianozovsky Park: bridge of lovers

Сast-iron's openwork of lovers’ bridge has a plenty of small locks hung by the newlyweds, as it is believed that this will help to lock up their strong feelings for each other. Snow-white swans floating on the waters welcome visitors. Wooden sunbeds along the pond perimeter, and the bridge with its beautiful forging will look great in your photos.

Zaryadye Park: greenhouse

The plants in the greenhouse are grown in special aeroponic boxes without regular soil. In total, about 1,500 flowers, herbs and succulents have been planted here. Amazing lighting and vertical gardening of the greenhouse will look magnificent in your pictures.

Photo by: mos.ru. Evgeny Samarin

Mitino Landscape Park: observation deck

The observation deck of Mitino Landscape Park looks especially good in pictures. You stand as if in a frame with green landscapes on the background.

Photo by: mos.ru. Maxim Denisov