About 15,000 citizens had their chest checked up in parks

About 15,000 citizens had their chest checked up in parks
Photo by: mos.ru. Yuliya Ivanko
Mobile photofluorography units are available next to Healthy Moscow pavilions. Check up on weekdays, weekends and holidays.

Since the beginning of summer, about 15,000 citizens have had their chest checked up in mobile digital fluorography consulting rooms located in Moscow parks.  Mobile fluorography units are available daily in four to six recreation areas, 08:00 am till 10:00 pm. They are located next to Healthy Moscow pavilions

You can attend specialists of the Moscow City Scientific and Practical Tuberculosis Centre in mobile consulting rooms.

"Since the end of July, citizens can have their chest checked while walking in the park on weekdays, too. About 4,000 Muscovites have already taken advantage of this opportunity on weekdays, and over the weekend, some 11,000 people have been examined," said Moscow Government Minister Alexei Khripun, Head of the Moscow Healthcare Department.

Over the entire period of mobile fluorography campaign, over 350 suspected chest diseases have been revealed, with patients further sent for additional examination to their district clinics.

Mobile fluorography rooms invite everyone to have a check. No referral from a doctor or prior appointment is required. You only need to bring your passport and medical insurance certificate. In addition, you have to leave your contact information — e-mail address and/or phone number.

You will also get a certificate of chest check-up. Further, a doctor will process and interpret fluorography results, and send them to your district clinic to be registered in your electronic card. In case of suspected chest disease, you will receive an e-mail message within three days with the invitation to undergo additional examination in your district clinic.

Digital fluorography is the safest and most effective method of diagnosing bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer. You get minimum radiation, even less than you get during a flight on a plane.

To prevent chest diseases, X-ray your chest every two years.

The first eight Healthy Moscow pavilions opened on 3 June. There are now 46 pavilions operating in Moscow parks this summer. You can have a physical examination and get an expert advice. Doctors welcome patients from 08:00 am till 10:00 pm without breaks and days off. General diagnostics takes about an hour.

To have a check-up, you must be registered in your district clinic and have your passport or driving license. If you are not registered in a clinic at the place of residence, you will also need to provide your medical insurance certificate. You can register at your district clinic right in the pavilion. You also need to provide your voluntary consent to the provision of medical services and your personal data processing.

Thirteen parks next to the pavilions have special venues for classes. From early morning to late in the evening, visit yoga and stretching sessions, various martial arts master classes, healthy lifestyles and disease prevention lectures. You can also go in for sports, with necessary appliances provided free of charge.

Also, first aid master classes and lectures have been arranged on the grounds next to the pavilions. Until the end of summer, the classes are held in the evenings on weekends.  Specialists of Puchkov First-Aid Station, which is celebrating its centenary this year, share their experience.

Find more information, the list of Healthy Moscow pavilions and the schedule of classes on the project's page