Pyrotechnic shows, concerts and master classes: fireworks festival to take place on 17 and 18 August

Pyrotechnic shows, concerts and master classes: fireworks festival to take place on 17 and 18 August
Photo by: Maxim Denisov
It will bring together teams from Argentina, Italy, Spain, Canada, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia and France.

Rostec, 5th International Fireworks Festival, supported by the Committee for Tourism, is to be held on 17 and 18 August in Brateyevsky Cascade Park. This year it is dedicated to theatre.

Best fireworkers from Argentina, Italy, Spain, Canada, Pakistan, Portugal, Russia and France will take part in the festival.

Festival's opening and closing ceremonies

The festival's opening ceremony is to start on 17 August, at 09:00 pm. A fireworks show by the last year's winner, a team from Slovakia, will open the festival.

During the opening and closing ceremonies, specially equipped 30-m high towers will be used for the first time. Guests will watch original fireworks pieces with all sorts of effects of different colours and shapes.

At the opening and closing ceremonies and in the intervals between the competition program performances, enjoy a projection mapping show by the best Russian lighting designers.

Photo by: Maxim Denisov

For each ceremony, musical pieces written by famous Russian composers for theatrical performances have been selected.

Fireworks, including air survey, will be broadcast during performances on screens, for visitors to be right in the thick of the action.

TV Festival, Masterslavl City of Craftsmen and a climbing wall: day programme

It is the first time TV Festival will open at the event. Guests will be introduced to the television process stages. If you are not shy, you may try on the role of a newscaster and make video recording of festival news visitors will further view on screens set up in the Park.

Also, the Park will offer a climbing wall and an obstacle course. Play minigolf and board games, do air and classic yoga. A special program part will be dedicated to theatrical art. Attend polygonal mask, wig and moustaches master classes, make a play for a Japanese portable theatre, listen to the story behind costumes and dolls, visit the theatre for kids aged 3 to 5.

Children's venue will offer Masterslavl City of Craftsmen, Choo-Choo children's ride and running bike rental.

Over 30 Moscow best gastronomic projects will be presented at the Park's grounds.

Music programme and fireworks show

06:30 pm till 08:30 pm, the main festival's stage will host concerts of Russian musicians. On 17 August, Elka and Bravo band will headline, with Dima Bilan and Yulianna Karaulova taking stage the next day.

The competition programme will include a free show and a showpiece featuring fireworks in national flag colours to the music.

All eight teams will show their premieres of firework performances to music from world-famous operas, ballets, operettas and musicals. Before each performance, the host will tell the story behind them.

Golden Assol

The winner of the competition will receive a symbol of the festival, a figurine of a girl with a firework over her head. There will be three prizes, gold, silver and bronze ones.

The figurines are hand-made. It took about 96 hours to make each of them. This symbol is named after Assol. This name was chosen during the competition announced on the festival's social media pages. Assol is one of the most popular advanced fireworks developed in the 1980s. Its calibre is 100 mm.

Zmey Gorynych, a squirrel from the fairy-tale by Alexander Pushkin and a multi-level labyrinth

On the occasion of the jubilee festival, a special talisman, Zmey Gorynych (three-headed Slavic dragon), has been created.  A 5m long installation will be waving wings, moving its tail and occasionally spewing smoke.

Design solution

Some more objets d'art will decorate the Park, with a Doll House among them, with each room featuring a scene from a theatrical performance. The Green Room will have a squirrel from 'The Tale of Tsar Saltan' by Alexander Pushkin. In the Red Room, you will see wind-moved birds in a cage, reminiscent of the fairy tale by Maurice Maeterlinck. In the Pink Room, visitors will encounter characters from 'Swan Lake' ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, controlled by special mechanisms.

You will also see an art installation based on 'Cherry Orchard' by Anton Chekhov. Take a souvenir photo in a multi-level labyrinth decorated with theatrical scenery.

Festival's jury

An international jury will be assessing team performances, with producers of firework shows and executives of the world's top-ranked pyrotechnic companies, namely Nancy Rozzi (USA), Dominique Brezac (Andorra), David Parente (Italy), Paul Sukassi (Canada) and ─Żubomír Macár (Slovakia).

The artistic and musical part of the show will be assessed by composer Igor Krutoy and film director Pavel Chukhray.

This is going to be the 5th Fireworks Festival. Last year, over 700,000 spectators watched the festival's show.

Admission to the festival for children under 7 is free (when accompanied by adults with tickets).

Tickets from RUB 500.00 are available  on the website. Also, you will have a chance to watch the firework show from a cruise ship.