Puppet shows, jazz concerts and cooking classes to be held at the Flower Jam venues

Puppet shows, jazz concerts and cooking classes to be held at the Flower Jam venues
The festival grounds will open on Revolutsii Square, Kamergersky Pereulok, Novy Arbat, Tverskoi Boulevard, Profsoyuznaya and other streets.

Cooking classes, performances, lectures on landscape design and concerts will be arranged within the Flower Jam festival. They will be held from 23 August till 8 September. All events are free. The festival grounds will open on Revolutsii Square, Kamergersky Pereulok, Novy Arbat, Tverskoi Boulevard, Profsoyuznaya and other streets.

"We invite Moscow residents and guests to attend master classes on cooking summer desserts — a variety of jams, marmalade, jellies, smoothies, sweet pastries, as well as traditional British and German food. At the master classes, you will create a pop-art style panel, model a vase or a candlestick from clay. Children will know how to grow mint, thyme and basil on a windowsill. Some days will have specially themed programs: on 24 and 25 August, puppet theatre days are to be held, on 30 August enjoy a jazz day, 6 and 7 September will be the days of the United Kingdom and Germany, on 7 and 8 September you are welcome to participate in days dedicated to musicals. In addition, on 1 September, we have prepared some unusual programme," the Press Service of the festival organisers said.

Cook porridge from an axe and play croquet

Listen to lectures on painting and learn how to cook marmalade and jam on Revolutsii Square. of Master classes’ participants will hear stories about paintings with colour palette similar to the colour of desserts. For example, the work of Ivan Aivazovsky 'View of Odessa on a Moonlit Night' was painted in dark shades of blue. It will be discussed during the cooking of black currant jam. And those who want to cook a peach jam, will hear a lecture about the work of Valentin Serov, the author of the painting 'Girl with Peaches'.

В. Серов. Девочка с персиками. 1887 год

On 2 and 4 September, you will cook meals from fairy-tales. At the master classes, guests will cook pike soup ('By Pike's Command' fairy-tale), porridge with nuts and fruit ('Porridge from an Ax'), bake a meat and mushrooms pie ('Bun') and bake apples with nuts and honey ('Rejuvenating Apples'). Cook food after fairy-tales recipes in Profsoyuznaya and Svyatoozyorskaya streets, and on Orekhovy Boulevard.

On 6 and 7 September, the program of the venue in Mitinskaya Street will highlight British culture and cuisine. Guests will find out how to cook orange marmalade according to the traditional British recipe and about the English sandwich ingredients. The Days of Germany are to be arranged in Profsoyuznaya Street. Master classes' participants will discover German desserts — berry pretzel, rose hip jelly, cherry and hazelnut jam. During the days of the United Kingdom and Germany, there will also be grounds arranged to play croquet, foosball, tetherball, and bowling.

Feel like visiting your Grandma in Gorodetskaya Street. It will house 'Granny's Kitchen' culinary chalet, where melon and plum jam, apple jelly and grapes jam are to be cooked daily. On 31 August and 1 September, the chalet will offer to learn how to make courgettes and lemon, apples and cinnamon, and dogwood jams. Also, visitors will take part in the culinary battles. The most delicious jam will win.

Become a designer or sing karaoke

Novy Arbat will host a 'Landscape Lecture Hall' with lectures on landscape design and gardening delivered. Children’s master classes will be held on Revolutsii Square and Mitinskaya Street. In particular, young designers will issue their own business cards, a calendar and a gift box, paint a shopping bag, come up with a print for a T-shirt.

On Revolutsii Square, visitors will also see how to create a miniature garden on the windowsill or balcony. Here you will learn to grow basil, rosemary and mint. These herbs are added to a variety of dishes. In addition, young guests will paint flower pots and boxes. In the pottery workshop on Revolutsii Square, you will model some home decor from clay — dessert bowls, vases and candlesticks.

Svyatoozyorskaya Street will host 'Sculptor's Workshop', where children will learn to make bas-reliefs with floral patterns and paint plaster magnets. Kamergersky Pereulok venue will be about music. 'Music Greenhouse' is to open here, where young performers may show their talents — play piano or guitar, sing their favourite song in karaoke or participate in 'Guess the Melody' game.

Watch puppet shows and participate in an interactive show

Performances and concerts at the Flower Jam venues are to be held daily. Moscow theatre companies (Pulsar and Taratumb) will show performances based on famous literary works and fairy tales: 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, folk tale 'Little Red Riding Hood', 'Mary Poppins' story by Pamela Travers. You will also see some modern performances such as 'Sweet Adventures of Flower Dwarf' by Pulsar theatre, 'Sultan's Flower Carpet' by Zanaves (Curtain) theatre and 'As the Queen of Flowers Learned to Make Friends' by DaMy theatre.

Traditionally, Moscow Seasons festivals host the Golden Mask, one of the largest theatre festivals in Russia, puppet shows. Attend them on 24 and 25 August.

Every Saturday and Sunday, musicals will be presented at the festival grounds. On 14 August, Matveyevskaya Street welcomes guests to watch a musical performance about the heroes of the Astrid Lindgren's story 'Karlsson-on-the-Roof'. On 1 August, Revolutsii Square will offer 'Thumbelina' musical, and on Sirenevy Boulevard in Troitsk visitors will watch 'Lukomorye'. Popular cover bands will perform in Kamergersky Pereulok, on Revolutsii Square, Orekhovy Boulevard and Gorodetskaya Street.

On 30 August, Muscovites and guests will listen to live jazz music. And on the Knowledge Day, 1 September, Flower Jam guests will watch scientific interactive shows. Children will make ice cream in Slavy Square using liquid nitrogen to freeze the dessert.

At Yunosti Square in Zelenograd, a skate park and a pump track (a special bike lane) will be open throughout the festival.

A detailed schedule of the program will be available on the festival's website any time soon. 

It is 3rd Flower Jam, an open international urban landscape design competition and festival, held in Moscow. The main festival events are scheduled from 23 August till 8 September. However, on 20 June, 42 design exhibition gardens appeared in Moscow streets, squares and boulevards. They have been created by the top-ranked landscape designers from 11 countries. They used 200,000 living plants to implement their concepts.