New electric bus route in western Moscow

New electric bus route in western Moscow
Photo by: Maxim Denisov
Today, there are 13 e-bus routes in Moscow.

There is now a new e-bus route in western Moscow. Electric buses replaced diesel ones on route No.107 linking Ochakovo-Matveyevskoye, Filyovsky Park and Fili-Davydkovo districts. They run from Filyovsky Park metro station to Matveyevskaya railway platform.

There are now 13 e-bus routes in Moscow.

First electric buses hit Moscow streets last September. Today, there are over 180 of them on lines. They carry more than 80,000 passengers every day.

Moscow electric buses have 30 seats and can carry 85 passengers. They have everything for passengers, including people with limited mobility, to travel in comfort.

There are climate control and CCTV systems, satellite navigation, USB ports to charge mobile devices, information media screens and free Wi-Fi.

The e-buses and charging stations are supplied to Moscow by Russian manufacturers — Kama and Gorky automobile plants (KamAZ and GAZ). Under the contracts, manufacturers provide a 15-year guarantee for the vehicles and charging stations.

E-bus routes

— T25 —Prospekt Budennogo to Lubyanka metro station;

— Т36 —VDNKh (South) to 155 Dmitrovskoye Highway;

— T42 —Rizhsky Railway Station to Petrovsky Park;

— T47 —Beskudnikovsky Pereulok to Samotechnaya Square;

— Т56 —Bazovskaya Street to Tverskaya Zastava Square;

— T73 —6th Mikrorayon Bibireva to VDNKh (South);

— T76 —Kholmogorskaya Street to VDNKh metro station;

— T80 —6th Neighbourhood of Bibirevo to Ostashkovskaya Street;

— Т83 —Ussuriyskaya Street to Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad metro station;

— No. 107 —Filyovsky Park metro station to Matveyevskaya railway platform;

— No. 649 —Yasny Proyezd to Ostashkovskaya Street;

— No. 778 —Rizhsky Railway Station to Spartakovskaya Square;

— Sk 'Skoltech' — 'Hub (Innovatsyonny Tsentr transport interchange hub)'.