Passengers to pay fare by bank card or smartphone on all Mosgortrans routes

Passengers to pay fare by bank card or smartphone on all Mosgortrans routes
From September, this service is to be available on 800 surface transport routes.

From September, pay travel fare by bank card or smartphone on all routes of Mosgortrans urban carrier,  including some 800 bus, tram, trolleybus and electric bus routes. To pay for a trip, touch the advanced validator with your bank card or mobile device.

Their screens are to have payment system icons to buy a ticket. Passengers may pay fare using cards with PayPass and PayWave, and smartphones with contactless payment.

"Now this service is available on 500 Mosgortrans routes. Contactless payment is quick and convenient," said Kirill Kislyakov, Director of Mosgortrans Revenues and Control Department.

In addition, paying fare by bank card or smartphone, you save your money. One trip costs RUB 42.00, with a ticket bought from the driver costing RUB 13.00 more.

While riding, you may encounter a ticket inspector checking passenger's tickets to make sure that all trips have been paid. The officer will ask you to have it checked by touching the reading terminal with your card or smartphone. The reader screen will show the information about your last payment.  In this case, be sure that the inspector's terminal does not interact with the confidential data of a card user. Inspectors check paper tickets, too.

Contactless payment system in Moscow transport was launched in November 2017,  with trams No. 6 and 27 offering to pay fare by a bank card and smartphone.   During the FIFA World Cup, new validators were installed in transport running near the stadiums and in the city centre.

You may also pay by a card or smartphone through the terminals installed on the turnstiles at all Moscow metro and Moscow Central Circle stations. Contactless payment will also be used on Moscow Central Diameters (MCD). Traffic on the first two routes of the new type of public transit is expected to launch throughout this year.