Metro passengers pay fare with bank cards using turnstile terminals more often now

Metro passengers pay fare with bank cards using turnstile terminals more often now
Photo: Maxim Denisov
Citizens save up to eight minutes during rush hours by paying with a bank card or smartphone via turnstile terminals, as they do not waste time buying tickets at the box office.

Moscow metro passengers pay fare using bank cards or smartphones through turnstile terminals fifteen-fold as often now. Daily, over 44,000 passengers take advantage of readers. Back in this January, only 3,000 passengers per day used terminals to pay the fare.

Passengers can use cards with PayPass and PayWave (including Mir bank cards), and smartphones with contactless payment. To do this, just tap your card or mobile device to the terminal.

There are terminals on two turnstiles in each lobby. They have special stickers with payment systems indicated.

''Moscow metro passengers make contactless payments at terminals more often now. It is really convenient for those who rarely takes a metro. Just touch the terminal with your bank card or smartphone and save up to eight minutes in the morning and evening rush hours, as you do not have to waste your time buying a ticket at the box office," said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Moscow Mayor, Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development.

Using this payment method, passengers also save their money, as one trip costs RUB 42, that is RUB 13 less than the cost of a trip when buying a Unified travel card. 

Turnstiles with readers are available at all Moscow Central Circle (MCC) stations. They were installed after the Circle's launch in 2016. Metro passengers who have chosen this method of payment, are allowed to transfer free of charge to the MCC stations within 90 minutes, like the passengers with a regular ticket.

Also, you may use Troika travel card, Unified travel card and Moscow Resident social card to pass through the turnstile.

Payments with a bank card or smartphone through turnstile terminals are to be available at the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) stations, too. This new type of public transit is to be launched before this year is out. MCD will operate from 05:30 am till 01:00 am. The intervals will be no longer than five-six minutes during the rush hours.

Moscow Central Diameters will link various Moscow railway directions.  MCD platforms will have transfers to metro stations and the Moscow Central Circle. Thanks to MCD, it will take only 40 minutes for passengers to cross Moscow.