Filatov Lug Park to have eco-trail and recreation areas

Filatov Lug Park to have eco-trail and recreation areas
Design solution
It will become a natural extension of the integrated pedestrian Park's space.

Filatov Lug Park will soon have an ecological trail for local residents to have a rest from hustle and bustle of the city.

Previously, there were spontaneous and unimproved recreation areas without illumination, with plenty of dead and overgrown plants. Due to comprehensive improvement, the neglected area will turn into clean and comfortable district park.

Now experts are busy creating a framework of the future walking route. About 2 km long eco-trail will have 16 recreation areas ranging from 50 to 125 sq m. The grounds will be paved with coniferous timber boards.

"A variety of pergolas will decorate this walking route and recreation areas. They will be designed as a forest canopy, with their elements resembling tree branches. There will be corner and arched pergolas with garden swings and built-in benches," the Moscow Department of Capital Improvements and Repairs reported.

To walk along the eco-trail at any time of the day, lighting poles will be installed along it, with pergolas for decorative illumination. Its soft and warm light will not disturb the animals living in the park.

Improvement plan provides for new infrastructure of Filatov Lug Park to be in harmony with nature.

The works are expected to be completed through 2019.