Yoko Ono's teacher, search for the future and the Empress's portrait. 10 major August exhibitions

Yoko Ono's teacher, search for the future and the Empress's portrait. 10 major August exhibitions
Lilya Brik. Alexander Rodchenko. 1924
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Darwin Museum tells about the smallest and blackest creatures, Zagorye Gallery presents Soviet industrial reports of the 1930s, and Marina Tsvetayeva House Museum opens an exhibition of the Russian avant-garde legend Varvara Bubnova’s works. Read about the brightest exhibitions of August in the collaborative article by mos.ru and Mosgortur Agency.

'The Industrial World of Alexander Rodchenko' in Zagorye Gallery

Address: 24/2 Lebedyanskaya Street

Dates: until 22 September

Railway bridge. Alexander Rodchenko. 1926

Alexander Rodchenko is considered a founding father of Soviet design and advertising, with the techniques he has invented still applied by photographers. His 'Pioneer Girl' and 'Pioneer Bugler' works are among the most popular ones due to special shooting technique. Those lower-angle shots taken by Rodchenko have gone down in history.

The artist was inspired not only by people. He sincerely believed in the future of the industrial world and, working as a photojournalist in several magazines and newspapers in the 1930s, he created iconic pictures of the buildings designed by brothers Vesnin, Melnikov and Ginzburg. He showed the beauty of constructivist architecture and presented exciting photo reports from the factory shops.

The exhibition in Zagorye Gallery includes over 80 Rodchenko's photos from Multimedia Art Museum holdings.

Ticket: from RUB 50.00.

'I Cannot but Dig' in the State Darwin Museum

Address: 57 Vavilova Street

Dates: 3 August — 17 November

V. Vatagin Viscachas' colony

Dark, stuffy and cramped, this is how we commonly describe a habitat for hundreds of underground diggers — animals living in deep holes. Some of them, by the way, can compete in speed digging with three people having shovels. 'I Cannot but Dig' exhibition tells about their superpower, and the tools they use to build their underground residential premises.

Ticket: from RUB 150.00.

Personal exhibition of artists Viktoriya and Yuri Bondarenko. Paintings '...I Visited Once Again...' in the State Pushkin Museum

Address: 55/32 Arbat Street

Dates: 8 to 25 August

Yuri Bondarenko View from Krasnaya Gorka. Fragment

The exhibition, dedicated to the 220th anniversary of Pushkin's birth, will feature sketches and landscapes by artists Viktoriya and Yuri Bondarenko. Paintings describing the poet's life and work will take visitors away to Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye, Gorodnya, Staritsa, Tver, Pskov, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The display in Arbat exhibition halls mostly features Viktoriya's paintings. Yuri is renowned as a portrait painter, but the landscape art, 'a prayer for the artist', as he calls it, occupies a special place in his creative activity.

Ticket: from RUB 150.00.

'Varvara Bubnova. Russian Avant-Garde and Japanese Traditions' in Marina Tsvetayeva House Museum

Address: 6/1 Borisoglebsky Pereulok

Dates: 9 August — 15 September

Varvara Bubnova. Two apples. Fragment. 1949

Varvara Bubnova is a prominent Russian avant-garde and Japanese lithography artist. She held art classes to little Yoko Ono and raised several generations of Japanese Russianists. Her biography is more like a fascinating novel, with her creative heritage including thousands of paintings stored in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum, holdings of foreign museums and private collections.

The exhibition showcases the works of Bubnova's Japanese period from a unique private collection, miraculously survived during the Great Patriotic War.

Alexander Lozovoy, an artist, art historian and Varvara Bubnova's student, is the exhibition's curator.

Ticket: RUB 200.00

'Creative Method' in Electro Museum in Rostokino Gallery

Address: 1 Rostokinskaya Street

Dates: 9 August — 6 October

A modern artist, unlike artists of the past, possesses a wide range of artistic tools and methods. Nevertheless, even in contemporary art we may trace certain trends and repeating images and means.

Creators and participants of the Electro Museum exhibition explore, arrange and display the most common ideas of contemporary artists. The analysis focuses on the works of Blue Noses and Electro Boutique art groups, Emma Bayer, Gabbilena Galycheva, Anatoly Osmolovsky and other figures of Russian contemporary art.

Ticket: from RUB 100.00.

'Look at You' at Peschanaya Gallery

Address: 23/7 Novopeschanaya Street

Dates: 10 August — 22 September

Photo: courtesy of Press Service of GROUND Peschanaya Gallery and Workshop

What the artists to do, those who stand out from the crowd, than merge with a group of like-minded people and lose their identity again? Trying to answer this question, the authors of paintings, sculptures, video art and installations presented in the gallery, study appearance as a subject of entertainment and a subject of creativity.

Through their works, exhibition participants are to tell visitors about the way the perception of appearance — its acceptance or rejection — has influenced their work, and show how the body of an artist becomes a tool for creative experiments.

The exhibition will include performances and panel discussions.

Ticket: from RUB 50.00.

'Big Portrait of a Small Company' at the State Darwin Museum

Address: 57 Vavilova Street

Dates: 13 August — 29 September

Sand lizard. Pyotr Bogomazov

Darwin Museum's photographer Pyotr Bogomazov introduces visitors to the smallest creatures we call our minors — the insects. Macro photography shows the beauty and intricacy of creatures a human eye sometimes even incapable of noticing. In particular, photographer turns common green lacewing butterfly into a real fairy. As for the little lizards in Bogomazov's pictures, they look very impressive and mysterious, like true descendants of ancient dinosaurs.

The exhibition includes about 60 portraits of insects and reptiles from around the world.

Ticket: from RUB 150.00.

'Corvidae Family' in the State Darwin Museum

Address: 57 Vavilova Street

Dates: 17 August — 10 November

What is the difference between a raven and a crow? How many 'relatives' does the Corvidae family have? Do all of them comply with this sombre 'dress code'? Darwin Museum will help clarify these matters. Visitors of 'Corvidae Family' exhibition  will learn about talents the birds of this family possess, the age of their old ancestors, what they have learned from men and about a crow image represented in the world culture — from the assistants of God Odin to the 'Plasticine Crow' cartoon. Also, they will view real white crows, as the exhibition features stuffed albino birds from the collection of Museum founders Alexander Kots and Nadezhda Lodygina-Kots.

Ticket: from RUB 150.00.

'Catherine the Great. To the 290th Anniversary of Her Birth' in Tsaritsyno Museum Reserve

Address: 1 Dolskaya Street

Dates are to be announced later. The exhibition opens on 20 August

For Tsaritsyno, Catherine the Great is the most important person, since the history of the Palace complex dates back to the day she bought Chyornaya Gryaz village.

In honour of the 290th anniversary of the Empress's birth, the Museum Reserve is to run two exhibitions at once. The first exhibition will show paintings and sculptures from the Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the Hermitage and other Russian museums' holdings, the second one will display only one exhibit — a portrait of Catherine the Great with St. George's ribbon painted by Dmitry Levitsky.

Catherine the Great presented this painting to the Grand Master of the Order of Malta in 1787, and since then, the painting never left Malta. Its display in the Grand Palace will be a unique gift for art critics and art lovers.

Ticket: RUB 350.00

'In Search of the Future' at the Museum of Cosmonautics

Address: 111 Prospekt Mira

Dates: 29 August — 2 February

Another exhibition of 'Opening Holdings' project representing rare pieces of fine art from the Museum of Cosmonautics' holdings. 'In Search of the Future' exhibition includes graphic art by Soviet and Russian artists dedicated to the future of humanity in terms of space. Among the authors are Anatoly Veselov, Boris Smertin, Sergei Geta and many others.

Ticket: RUB 250