VDNKh-80 satellite sent the first signal about Russian chief exhibition's anniversary

VDNKh-80 satellite sent the first signal about Russian chief exhibition's anniversary
Фото: ФГУП «ЦЭНКИ» и ГК «Роскосмос»
Amateur radio operators can also track the signal.

On 1 August, a small spacecraft VDNKh-80 transmitted a signal to Earth about the anniversary of the major exhibition of Russia texting 'VDNKh turns 80', as well as telemetry with data on space weather. Communication session with the satellite was held from 01:30 pm till 01:40 pm at the Mission Control Centre in Kaluga.

It is also possible to track the signal on the amateur radio range. It broadcasts at the frequency of 436.500 MHz MOBITEX 4800bd. Krasnoyarsk, Saransk, Blagoveshchensk, as well as other cities from Germany to Ecuador, received the satellite signal.

It was the first message from the satellite to announce the anniversary of the Russian major exhibition, with other messages about VDNKh's significant events to follow.

VDNKh-80 has been developed by the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Moscow State University, with the aid of Roscosmos State Corporation. Now experts check solar sensors, radio modules and more.

On 1 August, a research interactive zone opened at the Cosmonautics and Aviation Centre.  Its chief exhibit is an operator work station for communication with VDNKh-80 satellite. Here one can find a screen to check telemetric information received from the spacecraft.  Soon, there will be a copy of the device made. These exhibits are to help guests learn about the operation of satellites, their use in everyday life, they also provide an opportunity to participate in a communication session with the satellite.

The satellite was launched to the Earth’s orbit from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amur region at 08:41 am, Moscow time.  It headed for the orbit together with Meteor-M No.2-2 meteorological craft on Soyuz-2.1b carrier fitted with the Fregat booster.   

On reaching the assigned orbit, the satellite disengaged from the booster. VDNKh-80 satellite is quite small. It weighs about 3 kg, with total length of only 34 cm.

The satellite makes 16 circuits around the Earth in 24 hours, sending signals to different areas of our planet. Also, it will perform an applied research function, monitoring the space weather on near Earth orbits.

Since 2014, the VDNKh exhibition has been undergoing a comprehensive overhaul.  The experts rebuild the famous pavilions, turning the territory into an attractive and comfortable place for recreation.  Each year, around 30 million people visit Russia's chief exhibition. In honour of the anniversary, more than 100 festive events are to be held at VDNKh through the year.  Moscow citizens are in for concerts, exhibitions, celebrity stakeouts and master classes.