The way to attract tourists to the Soviet Union and a bodygraph: the Night at the Museum venues to visit

The way to attract tourists to the Soviet Union and a bodygraph: the Night at the Museum venues to visit
Moscow residents and guests have three routes to choose from — 'From a Soviet Poster to Modern Music', 'From Gogol to Burganov', 'From Jazz to Bodygraph'. It will be helpful in planning an eventful journey through museums. Besides, all routes can be supplemented and adjusted.

Moscow map with routes covering the most interesting exhibitions, which will be held within the Night at the Museum campaign, has been developed. Three walking routes in the centre of Moscow have been prepared by the Department of Culture together with the Mosgortur Agency. Each mini-trip will take about half an hour with the time spent on cultural sites observation excluded.

"All-Russian Night at the Museum campaign will be held on the night of 18 to 19 May. This year, Moscow residents and guests will enjoy more than 350 tours, master classes, lectures, exhibitions, concerts and performances. We have developed a map with three routes for the most interesting events at Moscow museums — 'From a Soviet Poster to Modern Music', 'From Gogol to Burganov', 'From Jazz to Bodygraph.' These maps will make planning of walks easier for campaign participants. Moreover, the routes we offer may be supplemented and adjusted," Director General of Mosgortur Agency Vasily Ovchinnikov said.

The first route — 'From a Soviet Poster to Modern Music' — starts at the Museum of Moscow on Zubovsky Boulevard. Here you can visit the exhibition displaying original advertising posters of a Soviet tour operator. Such posters were developed and printed in the USSR, and then sent abroad. They advertised Soviet resorts and other tourist attractions of the country: Crimea, Krasnodar Region, the Caucasus, the Golden Ring cities, Leningrad and Moscow. Museum guests will view more than 30 posters from private collections, as well as photos and personal belongings of foreign travellers from the Museum's holdings.

After that you are invited to walk to the Multimedia Art Museum in Ostozhenka Street to view video artworks (art direction using video production equipment). Show starts at 06:00 pm. Then you are supposed to go to the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Prechistenka Street. At 08:00 pm, it will run a free tour of the main exhibition, during which the guide will tell about life and work of the great Russian writer, as well as the times he lived in. Guests are free to visit the evening concert of the chamber orchestra starting at 09:00 pm.

At 10:00 pm, the courtyard of the Alexander Scriabin Memorial Museum in Bolshoi Nikolopeskovsky Pereulok will offer Shadow Forms, an extraordinary audio and video multimedia performance. Artists visualise their music while performing it. Musicians compose songs in various genres —  jazz, neo-classical music, fusion and others. Travel time on the first route from one cultural site to another is 35 minutes.

'From Gogol to Burganov' route will run from Nikitsky Boulevard to Bolshoi Afanasyevsky Pereulok. Participants are offered to start their journey at Gogol House. This year, the Museum celebrates a double anniversary — 210 years since the writer's birth and 10 years since the opening of the permanent exhibition. At 05:00 pm, you may listen to classical music, Neapolitan songs, famous arias and Russian romances. There will also be free exhibitions running for guests. One of them displays 210 of the most important Museum exhibits collected over the years of the cultural venue's activity. For example, the audience will have an opportunity to view the family heirlooms of the Gogol-Yanovskys handed down by the descendants of the writer's sister Elizaveta Bykova with a medallion with St. Nicholas image, which, according to the legend, belonged to Nikolai Gogol among them.

The second route journey is to end on the grounds near the Dom Burganova Museum with the ‘Burning Letter’ fire-show performed. Performance will be centred around sculptural composition named 'Letter is a part of the Museum exhibition', dedicated to the epistolary novel by Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva and Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Performance starts at 11:30 pm. The route journey is to last about 33 minutes.

A half-hour walk on 'From Jazz to Bodygraph' route starts in the Gilyarovsky Centre in Stoleshnikov Pereulok. It houses an exhibition dedicated to the history of Moscow jazz of the early 20th century. Visitors will learn about the key milestones of the USSR jazz history and this musical genre pioneers — Valentin Parnakh, Alexander Tsfasman, Leonid Utesov and others, as well as the 'era of saxophone prohibition' and 'little ice age'.

The next point is Tverskaya Street with the Ostrovsky Integration Museum and Cultural  Centre. Actors will play a performance based on the 'Exodus' play by Polina Borodina. The work focuses on the way the daily routine affects a person with its climax featuring the main character's monologue. He dwells on his two dull jobs and family life that he has ceased to enjoy. The protagonist tries to escape this life, but not to find a new self, but to get rid of his old personality. The performance starts at 06:30 pm.

The Bulgakov Museum in Bolshaya Sadovaya Street will offer Moscow citizens and guests a happening performance. This kind of theatrical art involves improvisation and has no clear play script. The performance is based on Bulgakov's 'The Heart of a Dog' novel. So, participants may see one of the book's characters, Sharikov of our time. The performance will run 08:00 pm till 11:00 pm, you are free to take part in it or leave at any time.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Yermolayevsky Pereulok will tell about up-to-date methods of identity perception. At 10:00 pm, it will offer 'Human Design' lecture with detailed discussion of a bodygraph — the individual card that describes the characteristics of a particular individual.

This will be the 13th Night at the Museum campaign in Moscow. This year's campaign's theme is  'Live at a Museum!' Cultural venues programme will start at 06:00 pm with some museums open until 07:00 am.