'From Sukharevskaya to Triumfalnaya Street' and Moscowpoly: the House in Brestskaya Street to launch new quests

'From Sukharevskaya to Triumfalnaya Street' and Moscowpoly: the House in Brestskaya Street to launch new quests
Games will be held in May and June.

The House in Brestskaya Street has prepared new quests dedicated to Sadovoye Koltso history, as reported by Head of the Moscow Department of Urban Development Sergei Lyovkin.

From 14 till 23 May, everyone is invited to take part in the Moscowpoly game held at the 'Sadovoye Koltso Architectural History...' exhibition open at the House in Brestskaya Street. On 18 May, the first 'From Sukharevskaya to Triumpfalnaya Street' walking quest is expected to be held. Participants will take a walk around the centre of Moscow and answer some interesting questions. The quests will run until the end of June.

There is also a new game, 'Architect's Diary', to start on 28 May. The quest's name has been chosen by Active Citizens.  Young participants are to follow a given route guided by the architect's records. Architectural symbols and objects the players are to find with the help of an interactive map of Moscow will help to solve the puzzles.

Sergei Lyovkin said that quizzes for 1 to 9 form students from Moscow are popular at the House in Brestskaya Street. There are history, architecture, culture and art classes.

'Struggle of Minds' and other quests of the House in Brestskaya Street

According to Farit Fazylzyanov, Mosstroiinform Director, an absorbing 'Along Yellow Brick Road' quest based on the book 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz' will be of interest to younger school students. Almost all activities take place on an interactive map of Moscow. It features the very yellow brick road, which served as a  guiding line for all who headed for the Emerald City in the fairy tale.

Quest participants will meet the Tin Woodman, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow who will ask questions about the history of Moscow and its landmarks. In the end, together with Goodwin the wizard, children will learn and sing the Moscow anthem.

School students of 6 to 9 forms are offered 'Struggle of Minds: My Moscow' quest. They will have to pass a test in Moscow streets and related events, recall the names of unusual sculptures and monuments by only a small fragment available for reference. The quiz will end with a spatial modelling performance: players will create an unusual architectural site to be presented to the performance host.

Sign up for quests by calling +7 (499) 250-35-82.